Overview Joint Region Marianas-Andersen Air Force Base Guam

The 2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) Report to the President required the relocation of installation management functions and the establishment of Joint Region Marianas. 

On Feb. 6, 2009, the Navy and Air Force on Guam held a groundbreaking ceremony for a combined headquarters at Nimitz Hill, signaling the beginning of Joint Region Marianas. Joint Region Marianas began initial operational capability on Jan. 31, 2009, and reached full operational capability on Oct. 1, 2009.

Under Joint Region Marianas, U.S. Naval Base Guam and Andersen Air Force Base each maintain commanding officers, who will oversee their respective mission requirements and operations. Joint Region Marianas will oversee support services, policies, and resources. Joint Region Marianas is symbolic of the historic partnership between the Navy and Air Force on Guam, bridging the approximately 30 miles between U.S. Naval Base Guam and Andersen Air Force Base.

The commander of Joint Region Marianas also serves as Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Marianas and U.S. Defense Representative to Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

This overview will cover Joint Region Marianas - Andersen Air Force Base

Andersen Air Force Base (AFB), Guam is located on the north end of Guam, approximately 15 miles from the capital, Agana (or Hagat a). Andersen AFB is in the village of Yigo, pronounced "Geego." There are plenty of recreational and travel opportunities in the area. This is a military town and a high-cost area, but our rich World War II history makes it an interesting assignment. Most tours are 24 months (accompanied) and 15 months (unaccompanied).

Andersen AFB, 36th Wing, Air Mobility Command (AMC), opened as North Field in 1944 and was primarily used as a B-29 staging base in the Pacific during WWII. It was later renamed after Brigadier General James R. Andersen, former Chief of Staff for the Army Air Force, Pacific, who was lost at sea returning to Honolulu in 1945. The base continues to support strategic operations in the region and serves as a staging base for activities in Asia and the South Pacific. The bulk of Andersen's duties since WWII have been as a Strategic Air Command (SAC) base, supporting activities in Korea and Vietnam.

The Mission of Andersen Air Force Base is to provide peacetime and wartime support for aerospace forces in the Asian-Pacific theater.

Here is the official website to  Joint Region Marianas.​

Location/Driving Directions

Guam is located at 12 degrees 75 minutes north latitude, and 144 degrees 47 minutes east longitude. If you were to draw a straight line east of Manila, Philippines and another line south from Tokyo, Japan, the two lines would intersect near Guam.

Guam is the most southern island in the Marianas Island chain. The closest neighbor islands are Rota, Tinian, and Saipan. Guam is across the International Dateline from the mainland United States. Guam's time zone is GMT + 10 hours or international "K" time zone. Guam does not use daylight savings time.

NorthWest Airlines is designated as a contractor for official travel to and from Guam. Official travelers will be routed through Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan.

Due to the stop in Japan, you will now need an official blue no-fee passport. This is for official travel only, PCS or TDY.

The Department of State, Passport Services, has authorized no-fee official passports for the personnel identified in the second paragraph if they are traveling to Guam through Narita IAP. Military members do not require passports to transit Narita or to enter Guam. Military members traveling to Guam with family members through Narita IAP need to contact their Military Personnel Flight (MPF) to ensure their family members get passports. DoD civilian employees traveling to Guam through Narita IAP should contact the Civilian Personnel Flight (CPF) for instructions. The official passport applications are normally processed through the MPF.

Non-U.S. citizen military family members or DoD civilian employee family members must have a Japanese visa in their foreign passports to transit Japan. Contact the agencies listed in the fifth and sixth paragraphs above for assistance in applying for the visas. Family members of Korean nationality are additionally required to submit a copy of their foreign passport identification page translated into Chinese (this is not a mistake, Chinese, not Japanese).

DIRECTIONS TO ANDERSEN AFB FROM AIRPORT: Once you arrive at the A.B. Won Pat International airport which is usually after hours, your sponsor should be there to assist you. To exit the Airport, you will need to take a right onto Route 10A/Airport Road, following it until you come to a stop light (be sure to be in the left-hand lane), make a left onto Route 16 and follow it to the end (third traffic light). Turn right onto Route 1 (Marine Drive) and follow this route until you come to the main gate of Andersen AFB. The Visitors Center is on the right-hand side of the road before you reach the guard shack.

To get to Andersen Lodge, you will need to continue through the main gate on Arc Light Boulevard until you come to a stop light (the only one on Andersen), after which you turn right onto Carolines Avenue - this will take you past TLF (on right) and to Andersen Lodge (on left), just past the Clinic.

Main Phone Numbers

Staff Sgt. Thomas Agee, 554th RED HORSE Squadron structural journeyman, calls home from the mobility deployment processing center. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Senior Airman Nichelle Anderson

Andersen Air Force Base Operator - (671) 366-1110 / DSN (315) 366-1110

Andersen Clinic Central Appointment Line – (671) 366-9355 (WELL)

Advance Housing Application – (671) 366-2127/8143 DSN: (315) 366-2127/8143

Andersen AFB AMC Terminal – (671) 366-5165/5135

Andersen AFB Education Office - (671) 366-6266

Andersen Lodge - Andersen AFB – (671) 979-5501 or 1-888-NAVY-BED, DSN (315) 362-5501, DSN FAX (315) 366-7707

Andersen Pet Lodge - (671) 366-5020, Fax: (671) 366-5021, DSN (315) 362-2801

Barracks/Single Service Member Housing – (671) 366-2127 / 8143 DSN: (315) 366-2127 / 8143

Child Development Center – (671) 366-1601-4, DSN: (315) 366-1601 Fax (671) 366-3158.

Dental Clinic – (671) 366-6750

DoDEA Andersen Elementary School - (671) 366-1511 DSN: (315) 366-1511

DoDEA Andersen Middle School – (671) 366-3880 DSN: (315) 366-3880

DODEA Guam High School - (671) 349-5410 DSN: (315) 349-5412

Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (formerly Health Benefits Advisor) – (671) 366-6547 / (671) 366-7180

Housing Management Office, Andersen AFB - (671) 366-2127 / (671) 366-8143 - DSN (315) 366-2127/8143 - Fax (671) 366-2402 DSN FAX (315) 366-2402

Navy Gateway Inns and Suites - (671) 339-5259 Fax: (671) 339-6250 DSN: (315) 339-5259 DSN Fax: (315) 339-6250

Navy Housing Welcome Center - (671) 333-2081 / (671) 333-2082 Fax: (671) 339-6111 DSN: (315) 333-2081 DSN Fax: (315) 339-6111

Medical Treatment Facility – (671) 366-9355 DSN: (315) 366-9355

Naval Hospital Guam Phone - (671) 344-9340 DSN: (315) 344-9340

School Liaison Officer - (617) 339-5238 DSN: (315) 349-5238

TRICARE Service Center, Andersen – (671) 366-6547 DSN (315) 366-3547

Unaccompanied Housing - (671) 366-2725

Veterinary Clinic - (671) 366-3205 DSN: (315) 366-3205

Youth Center – (671) 366-3491 DSN: (315) 366-3491

Population/Major Units Assigned

Exercise Cope North Guam 10-1 Group Photo. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Andersen is home to the 36th Wing as well as many tenet commands - Air Mobility Command's 734th Air Mobility Support Squadron, 254th Air Base Group - Guam Air National Guard, 337th Air Support Flight – Australia, 44th Aerial Port Squadron (AF Reserve), 497th Combat Training Squadron, 724th Aeromedical Staging Flight (AF Reserve), Det. 5, 22nd Space Operations Squadron, and Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Twenty Five (HSC-25 is a U.S. Navy squadron flying the MH-60S).

Population assigned and served by Andersen AFB (approximate 2013 numbers):

Military - 2,334; Family Members 2,100; Civilians 400; Contractors 572; Retirees 2,366

Temporary Lodging

Lodging Office. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

All newcomers need to check in at the Andersen AFB Housing Office upon their arrival. They will acquire a TLA form to stay off base. Reservations can be made in advance. On base temporary lodging is not available for individuals who are PCSing to Guam. Individuals will need to work with their sponsor to make reservations at a downtown hotel. Since Guam's economy serves a large tourist population, there are many temporary to long-term lodging available on Guam. The Tour of Duty Guam and Island Reservations have been recommended by many military and federal employees assigned to Guam.

If you arrive without your family and qualify for TLA, you will receive TLA at a rate of 60 percent. With one family member that amount goes up to 100 percent, with an additional 25 percent per additional family member (ie. a service member with 4 family members would receive 175 percent of TLA). Most hotels require that you pay up front, so make sure you have adequate funding (ie. credit card or travelers checks). It can be pretty expensive to pay for a rental car AND ten days of living at a hotel BEFORE you can receive TLA money from the local Finance office. You will not receive the first ten days of TLA until AFTER the first ten days, so plan accordingly. You will need to have a bill from the hotel before Finance will pay you, however you will not need to show any receipts for food costs.

Pets are not allowed in temporary lodging and must stay in the kennel or other pre-arranged shelter. The Andersen Pet Lodge serves three main functions: first, it acts as a quarantine facility for pets (dogs & cats) arriving on Guam (Guam is a rabies free territory); second, it serves as a boarding facility for pets already residing on Guam; and third it raises the quality-of-life for individuals and pets arriving and residing on Andersen AFB.


3 Bedroom Housing at Andersen AFB. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The government housing at Andersen AFB consists of 979 family housing units. To be assigned Military Family Housing (MFH), the military member dependents must be command sponsor. The average wait time for on-base housing varies from month-to-month. Please contact the Housing office for availability of housing in your category. Prior to arriving member can submit a Housing Application form DD 1746 and orders to be placed on the Waitlist. This can be emailed to 36ce.ceh@us.af.mil or fax to 671-366-2402. Members are given 24 hours (one duty day) to accept or decline the unit(s) offered. A declined unit will be offered to the next member on the waiting list. When the second turn down is exercised, the member's name will be removed from the waiting list. Member will not be able to reapply before 90 days.

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing office is located in Bldg 25007, Saipan Hall, and may be reached at DSN 315-366-2725, or 671-366-2725. All unaccompanied members who are E4 and below will be assigned to dorm units. Unaccompanied members, E5 and above, are authorized to live off-base. Officers, E-7 and above may apply to living in out unaccompanied housing through the Housing Office. Andersen AFB has 60 unaccompanied housing units.

Full JFTR weight allowance is authorized for grades E-5 through E-9 only. E-4 and below have JFTR restrictions due to the requirement to reside in the dormitory. Any E-4 and below bringing JFTR weight allowance are required to move into the dormitory and have their excess weight placed in non-temporary storage.

Private rentals off base include but are not limited to houses, condominiums, duplexes, and apartments. The Housing Management Office (HMO) provides all DoD personnel with personalized services to assist in locating suitable housing in the local community.


DoDEA High School, COMNAVMAR. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

On Guam, home schoolers are subject to 17 GCA Chapter 6, Section 6108, which reads: Children not attending a private full-time day school and who are being instructed in study and recitation for at least three hours a day for one hundred seventy days each calendar year by a private tutor or other person, in the several branches of study required to be taught in public schools of this Territory and in the English language, shall be exempted from attending public school. No notification of any government agency, including military agencies, is required of those parents home schooling their children.

Guam DDESS District has a student enrollment of 2500. Students attend school in one of four schools: Andersen Elementary (K-5); Andersen Middle School (6-8) at Andersen AFB; McCool Elementary/Middle School (K-8) at Apra Heights (Naval Base Guam); and Guam High School (9-12) at Nimitz Hill (US Naval Hospital, Guam).

Guam DDEA District Superintendent's Office is located in US Naval Hospital, Agana Heights, and may be contacted at (671) 344-9571

The Guam District Special Education program provides students with special needs an opportunity to succeed in the least restricted environment. Programs offered are based on the student's Individual Education Program (IEP). Screening is required for military members with special needs children for consideration in proper placement.

Visit the Guam Department of Education website for information about off-base schools.

Adult Education

Andersen Air Force Base and Navy Base Guam education offices offer degree programs through the University of Maryland and Central Texas College for undergraduate studies. Both colleges offer instruction in a variety of academic fields. University of Oklahoma and University of Phoenix offer courses towards Masters Degree program. Contact the Andersen Education Office 671-366-3170 or the Navy College 671-339-8291.

University of Guam offers undergraduate and graduate degrees within five colleges: The College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Business and Public Administration, and the College of Nursing and Health Science.

Guam Community College offers two-year degrees and certificate programs in 50 areas of study in vocational-technical fields. GED, adult education and continuing education courses are also offered.

Child Care

Andersen AFB Youth Center. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Andersen AFB Child Development Center is located in Building 1625 and can be reached at 671-362-6280/366-1601. The CDC offers full daycare for children six weeks through kindergarten; part day enrichment for children three through 5 years old and hourly care for all ages on a space available basis. Spaces at the CDC are limited and certain age groups may have a waiting list. Hourly care is based upon availability for ages 25 year olds. Reservations may be made two weeks in advance.

Childcare for PCS is an Air Force Aid childcare program and is available for certain incoming and outgoing families. Contact the Family Support Center at 671-366-8136 for more information.

To register your child(ren) in any CDC program you will need to bring a current shot record and your current LES for you and your spouse (a copy will do) and/or a statement concerning other income you may have.

You may have your child(ren) placed on the waiting list prior to your arrival by having your sponsor drop by the center and complete a DD Form 2606. You will also need a copy of orders and the birth date of each child. You may also sign up by faxing a completed DD Form 2606, which is available at your current base's Child Development Program with a copy of your orders.

Fees and charges are bases on total family income.

Waiting periods vary from 2 weeks to a month depending on availability of slots.

"Give Parents a Break" is offered every 3rd Sat of the month from 6:00pm-11:00pm. You must have a referral from 1stSgt, Cdr or AFRC. A minimum of 8 families must be signed up for the program.

A Before/After School program for children who attend school, is offered by the School Age Program (SAP). Full day programs are available during summer and school break. Spaces are limited and there may be a waiting list.

Family Child Care (FCC) care is available for infants 6 weeks old to school age children. A current listing of licensed FDC homes is available at FCC homes and is always obtainable at the CDC, Youth Center (YC) and the Family Support Center. Hours of care is dependent on who is providing the care. The Airman & Family Readiness Center has a list of Family Child Care Providers. For further assistance, please call the FCC Coordinator at 671-366-1102.

Medical Care

View of Hospital. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Guam is limited in the health services that are offered, which is why it is imperative that dependents receive and pass an overseas screening before arriving.  Unless referred to a civilian doctor, most health care is received at military medical facilities.

Medical support to soldiers and their families is provided by either Navy or Air Force clinics and/or the Guam Naval hospital. There are dental and medical clinics on both Andersen Air Force Base and COMNAVMAR.

U.S. Naval Hospital, Guam is an inpatient and outpatient facility currently operating with 55 beds. If needed, it can expand to 455 beds. It currently averages approximately 350 admissions/dispositions monthly. Naval Hospital Guam is an accredited hospital providing care to eligible beneficiaries.

As a full service hospital, Naval Hospital Guam provides quality care in many specialties and subspecialties. Available services include family practice, OB/GYN, pediatrics, internal medicine, pathology, optometry, orthopedics, dermatology, physical therapy, mental health and urology - most clinics and services require a physician’s referral, exceptions are OB/GYN, Pediatric, Family Practice, Optometry and Immunizations. Appropriate civilian medical facilities are available on Guam for civilians and their family members for the evaluation and treatment of routine medical problems.

Personnel reporting to Guam are highly encouraged to enroll their family members in the Family Practice clinic within the first two weeks of arrival. Most other clinics and services -- with the exception of OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Immunizations -- require a physician's referral.

The Andersen Clinic is an outpatient clinic, not a hospital. Co-located with the Dental clinic, it has an emergency room and only minimal medical procedures can be addressed. Naval Hospital facilitates all emergencies and in patient care. Naval Hospital Guam is located in the village of Agana Heights. It is approximately 20 miles south of Andersen AFB.  The Andersen Clinic is located in BLDG 26012, Carolines Ave.  For more information, (617) 366-9355

There are a number of small clinics within the facility and family practice physicians and a pharmacy that can address most issues, but more serious cases are always referred to the Naval hospital. MedEvacs are also available to Hawaii and Japan.

Military Treatment Facilities on Guam implemented TRICARE Pacific 1 Jul 97. If you require more information on TRICARE Pacific please call DSN (315) 366-6547/6548, Commercial (671) 366-6547/6548. Once you arrive on island, please stop by the TRICARE Service Center and complete the TRICARE WESTPAC enrollment form. Once you enroll, you will AUTOMATICALLY be disenrolled from your prior region. If you have any questions, please call your TRICARE office.