F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming


Main Entrance to F. E. Warren AFB. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Francis E. Warren Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base located in Wyoming's capitol city, Cheyenne located within Laramie County. 90th Space Wing hosts the largest, most modern missile base and the most powerful strategic deterrent force in the free world. Warren operates and maintains 150 Minuteman III and 50 Peacekeeper intercontinental ballistic missiles, standing on alert in a 12,600 square-mile radius in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado.

In 1867, three miles west of what is today Cheyenne, on the branch of the South Platte River, Fort D. A. Russell was established. In 1927, the last cavalry units left the installation. In 1930, President Hoover issued a proclamation changing the name of the post to Fort Francis E. Warren, honoring Wyoming's territorial governor and first state governor. Warren was a U.S. Senator for 37 years. He received the Medal of Honor when he was 19 for heroism during the Civil War. The installation became an Air Force base in 1947. Warren was initially used as a training facility. In 1958, the 4320th Strategic Missile Wing was established. The wing became the 90th Space Wing on October 1, 1997 and was renamed to 90th Missile Wing July 1, 2008.

The Minuteman III missiles are deployed over a 12,600-square mile area in three states covering eastern Wyoming, western Nebraska and northern Colorado. They are dispersed in hardened silos to protect against attack. The soldiers of the 90th Space Wing remain poised to accomplish their vital mission: "To defend America with the world's most powerful combat ready ICBM force."

Location/Driving Directions

Francis Emroy Warren Air Force Base is located in Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming. The base is immediately adjacent to the West side of the City of Cheyenne and is directly across US Interstate 25 and three miles north of the I-80 and I-25 interchange. Cheyenne can be easily accessed by car, Great Lakes Airline, Shuttle from Denver International Airport, or bus. Cheyenne is located 100 miles north of Denver, Colorado and is the transportation crossroads in the Southeastern corner of Wyoming. It is eight miles north of the Colorado Border on I-25 and forty miles west of the Nebraska border off I-80.

Travelers may use Shamrock Airport Express shuttle service for ground transportation and reservations may be obtained from the TMO passenger travel section or you may call Shamrock Airport Express.

E470 is an excellent toll road with Exits South and North of Denver off of I-25 and also Pena Blvd to Denver International Airport that bypasses almost all Denver traffic. This is the quickest and safest route.

Francis E. Warren AFB Main Entrance and Visitor Center is located at I-25, Exit 11.

Main Phone Numbers

Staff Sgt. Josh Hayes, 90th Security Forces Squadron. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Airman 1st Class Daryl Knee

Base Operator DSN: 481-1110 (307) 773-1110

Child Development Center (307) 773-3221 DSN: 481-3221

Crow Creek Inn Lodging (307) 773-1844 DSN: 481-1844

Dental Clinic 773-1846

Education Center (307) 773-2117 DSN: 481-2117

Housing Office (307) 773-1840 DSN: 481-1840

Medical Clinic : (307) 773-2277 DSN: 481-2277

School Age Program (Youth Center) (307) 773-2564 DSN: 481-2564

Teen Center and Roller Rink (307) 773-2279 DSN: 481-2279

Youth Center (307) 773-2564 DSN: 481-2564

Population/Major Units Assigned

A team carries a log back to the mud hole during the Crow Creek Challenge at F. E. Warren AFB. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

F.E. Warren is home to the 90th Space Wing and also hosts: 20th AF, 153rd Command & Control Squadron, Navy Operations Support Center, AFOSI Detachment 805, Wyoming Civil Patrol and Area Defense Council.

The 90th Missile Wing employs approximately 3,361 military members and 964 civilian employees. Family members of assigned military members add another approximately 5,445 to the local population. Also, some 5,000 military retirees reside in the area.

Temporary Lodging

Crow Creek Inn. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Crow Creek Inn is F. E. Warren's official lodging facility and can be reached at 307-773-3077 or DSN 312-481-3077. Crow Creek Inn offers a variety of Air Force Inn quality rooms located in 11 historic brick buildings throughout the historic district of F.E. Warren AFB. Also offered are large and small Temporary Lodging Facilities for PCS personnel and families, which include an indoor and outdoor play area.

Make reservations well in advance. If at all possible, do not plan to arrive just before or during the last two full-weeks of July. Go to your local Military Personnel Flight (MPF) and have your report date extended to arrive in the first part of August. This is the time of the Annual Frontier Days Celebration in Cheyenne and space on base will be at a premium. All lodging in Cheyenne and the surrounding area will be limited (if available at all) and what is available will be very, very, expensive. Personnel with PCS orders have priority but that does not guarantee more than 10-days in TLF during Frontier Days. Crow Creek Inn has a limited number of pet friendly rooms so it would be wise to make pet-room reservations ASAP.


2BR and 3BR Duplex Housing in Historical Sergeants Row. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Housing and Referral Office at F.E. Warren AFB is located in Bldg 306 at 5605 10th Calvary Ave. It's hours are: Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm 307.773.1840 / DSN 481.1840.

F.E. Warren AFB has a variety of base housing depending upon rank and family size of service member. The on-base housing is divided into 5 main areas:

The "Historic Bricks" were built between 1885 and 1933. Officer units start at 2500 sq ft. Enlisted units start at 1000 sq ft.

Capeheart was built in the 1960s. They have basements and are approximately 1200 sq ft.

MCP was also built in the 1960s. They are 4-plex and 6-plex units. They have basements and are approximately 1200 - 1300 sq ft.

Carlin Heights was built in 1987. They do not have basements and are about 1,000 - 1,500 sq ft.

Atlas was built in 2000. They do not have basements and are about 1200 sq ft.

Advance applications (DD Form 1746) can be made through the Housing Referral Office, as soon as you have PCS orders. Form can be retrieved through your base housing office. Be sure to report to the F.E. Warren AFB Housing Office to complete your application upon arrival.


Warren is at the forefront of installations in upgrading the quality of life for its 776 Airmen living in the dormitories. Six of 14 dormitories have been renovated to a 1+1 configuration, which offers residents a private room with a shared bathroom and kitchen. Current housing policy is to provide all dorm residents with a private room. Single service members in the grades of E-5 and above may draw basic allowance for housing and live off base. Single Airmen E-4 and below who wish to live off base are put on the BAH waiting list, which is prioritized by rank.

Child Care

Child Development Center. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The F.E. Warren CDC offers care and activities for hourly and full day children ages 6 weeks to 5 years.

Parents may request child care by completing the AF Form 2606. When space is available CDC staff will contact the parents for further records.

Types of Care include: Hourly Care, Full-Day Weekly Care, Family Child Care Homes and Respite Care.

There is one CDC with a capacity of 168. There are also licensed Family Child Care Homes and Missile Duty Providers. A School Age Program which serves children 6-12 is also located on the installation. The School Age Program provides before and after school and full time summer camp.

Fees are based on total family income and are set according to uniform fee structure guidelines established by DoD and the Military Child Care Act of 1996. Parents are required to bring in proof of income.

Give Parents a Break is a free child care program for active duty members with children ages 6 weeks to 11 years that are under unique stress. The program is available once per month in 4 hour blocks.

Family Child Care (FCC) offers an alternative for parents who would like their children cared for in a home setting. Care is provided in military housing as well as off base. Caregivers are licensed by the 90th Mission Support Group Commander and must meet strict Air Force requirements. Referral lists for in-home providers may be obtained from a variety of agencies on base such as the FCC, Child Development Center, A&FRC or Community Support.

FCC also offers Extended Duty Care, Missile Duty Care, Return Home Care, Air Force Aid PCS Care and Volunteer Care and serves as back-up for Give Parents a Break. Please call 307-773-3317 or DSN 312-481-3317 if you are interested in becoming a provider or for further information on these special programs. Consider giving FCC a try!

Child Care for PCS Program is a program to benefit families under stress from a PCS move. It is free to the military member and has been made available through the Air Force Aid Society and Family Child Care. AFAS will pay up to 20 hours of child care (per child) in certified FCC homes on base.

Families with PCS orders of all ranks are eligible to receive a Child Care for PCS Certificate from the Airman and Family Readiness Center for use within 60 days of departure or arrival.

Children with special needs are accommodated with approval by the base medical advisor. STRIDE Learning Center is a developmental preschool located in the City of Cheyenne and addresses the needs of children 3 - 5 years of age. Eligibility is determined through a developmental evaluation process which includes hearing and vision screenings. The CDC works closely with STRIDE professionals to ensure children are recognized and referred for screening. Services are conducted for those children identified at STRIDE or in some cases can be conducted on sight at the CDC.


Central High School. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Cheyenne's Laramie County School District 1 consists of three high schools, three junior high schools, and 25 elementary schools. All school calendars and curriculums are the same.

School registration occurs in August and details of registration are published in the Warren Sentinel.

Transportation to schools vary. The Warren Youth Center offers a before and after school program with transportation to schools furnished by the Laramie County School District. To resolve bus problems, parents should call the bus garage at 771-2628.

Students residing on base attend Freedom Elementary. Older students attend McCormick Junior High School or Central Senior High School. Students living off base attend the closest school with available classroom space. Call 771-2100 for placement assistance.

Birth certificates and shot records are required for enrollment. Special education records must be requested from previous school and permission given to forward to current school. If the child's current school has a policy restricting the shipment of school records, then LCSD will request the records and make every effort to place the student at the school closest to the child's home.
For more information call the LCSD at 771-2188.

There are five private schools in the local area within a five-mile radius from the base.

Colleges in the area include Laramie County Community College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Park College, University of Phoenix and the University of Wyoming.

Medical Care

Warren Medical Group and Clinic. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The 90th Medical Group cares for the medical and dental needs of military members and their families. The clinic is located in building 160.

Twenty-four hour walk-in care is no longer available and there are no inpatient services. Appointments are made by calling the TRICARE Service Center at 307-772-4020 between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Appointments are available Monday through Friday. After hours, call the Primary Care Manager (PCM) on-call at 307-773-3461.

Missileers and personnel on flying status will report to the Flight Medicine Clinic. All others will report to the Family Practice Clinic.

F. E. Warren does not have an Emergency Room. Therefore, all emergency care is directed to United Medical Center (UMC) West. If you have a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 immediately.

Obstetrics/GYN Services is available at the 90th Medical Group under civilian contract. The Obstetric and Gyn Clinic is a referral clinic (you must be referred by your primary care manager prior to obtaining OB/Gyn services). Child delivery is performed off base at UMC. For more information, contact the Managed Care Office at 307-773-3461.

F.E. Warren AFB medical clinic has both a full service pharmacy and full service dental clinic and both are located in Building 160. The dental clinic is for active duty military only. The pharmacy services active duty, family members, and retirees. For pharmacy information, call 307-773-3646 and for dental information, call 307-773-1846.

The Veterans Administration Medical Center Cheyenne offers preventive and wellness examinations for TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries, 18 years or older, and active duty females. The examination includes, but is not limited to, pap smears and breast exams. Active duty patients are required to receive a referral from their PCM before an appointment will be made. The phone number to call for an appointment or questions is 307-778-7550.