Installation Overview: Coast Guard Station Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, the Capital City of Alaska, is the Home of the 17th Coast Guard District Command Cadre. Juneau could be considered the Hub of the 17th Coast Guard District in Alaska.

Coast Guard Station Juneau dates back to the middle 1950's. The original Station was located in Auke Bay and remained there until 1978 when it was moved to its current location. Then, as now, the station performed all missions assigned today with the additional mission of servicing manned lighthouses.The first resource assigned was the 38-foot Pickett boat. The Pickett was replaced by a 40-foot utility boat later relieved by a 44-foot steel Motor Lifeboat. The Motor Lifeboat was destroyed during a dramatic rescue of a family of four during a winter storm. Replacing the destroyed 44-foot MLB was a 41-foot UTB. The UTB was replaced in 2000 by a new 47-foot Motor Lifeboat. The 47' MLB is still here along with three 25 foot safe boats.​

Station Juneau performs 100-150 search and rescue cases annually. It's crew also conducts around 300 law enforcement boarding's per year, including; recreational, boating safety, fisheries and Homeland Security missions.

The crew of Station Juneau is dedicated, heart and mind to excellence. Through superior training, open communications, and commitment to each other, their mission is to provide the best possible service to the public and to set a shining example for other units and the community.

Here is the official website of Coast Guard Station Juneau.

Location/Driving Directions

Juneau is located in Southeast Alaska and is Alaska's Capital City. In Juneau there is only 40-Miles of road, which has no access to the surrounding cities. The only way to reach these cities is by Ferry or Airplane.

Juneau is located in the Tongass National Forest, the largest temperate rainforest in North America. The rainforest does give Juneau its fair share of rain, however it also keeps the temperatures fairly mild with highs in the mid 30's in the winter, and high 60's in the summer. It is in the mildest climate zone in Alaska. Annual precipitation is 92 inches in downtown Juneau, and 54 inches ten miles north at the airport. Snowfall averages 101 inches. Juneau also enjoys very long summer days with nearly 18 hours of daylight during early summer!

Juneau is an isolated community. The only two ways to get to Juneau are by Airplane or by the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) Ferry. The flight from Seattle is a 2-3 hour flight. The Seattle to Juneau flight is usually non-stop, unless you get booked on the more scenic flight making various stops in Southeast. The AMHS Ferry departs from Bellingham, WA and it is a 3-day boat ride to Juneau making ports of call in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg and lastly Juneau. The trip on the Ferry is beautiful, but provide yourself with plenty of reading material. It rains a lot in Juneau and the weather may prevent you from arriving at the airport at the scheduled time. If this happens ensure that you contact the Station and let either the OOD or the XPO know.

Driving through Canada

Anyone with a criminal record including misdemeanors or minor offenses may be barred from entering Canada as members of an Inadmissible Class. More information is available on the Canadian Embassy. Personnel and accompanying dependents who meet the criteria for Inadmissible Class and barred from entering Canada shall perform airline travel to Kodiak.

Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS)

Reservations should be made as soon as possible. Reservations can be extremely limited. Travel must be paid by the centrally billed travel account through SATO Travel 800-753-7286. Members require proof of paid tickets to board and orders must reflect authorization to travel ferry system. Pets require health and rabies certificate issued not more than 30 days prior to boarding. If traveling through Canada bring no fee passports for dependents, birth certificates, proof of vehicle liability insurance, proof of sufficient funds to handle emergencies and rabies vaccination certificates for pets.

As of January 1, 2007, per ALCOAST 113/07, Active Duty members on PCS orders may transit through Canada with orders and valid military identification. All dependents transiting through Canada must possess an official no fee passport. Active Duty members who require passports for deployment may obtain them once they arrive at their new unit.

Main Phone Numbers

Base Operator (907) 463-2123

Boys and Girls Club of Juneau (907) 790-4535 Fax: (907) 790-4538

Coast Guard Chaplain (907) 463-2038 Fax: (907) 463-2131

Gold Creek Child Care Center (907) 586-7529

Housing Office (907)463-2825

Juneau Command Center (907)463-2000

Relocation Assistant (907)463-2121 Fax: (907)463-2131

SEARHC Medical/Dental Clinic (907) 463-4000 Fax: (907) 463-4075

Zach Gordon Youth Center (907) 586-2635

Population/Major Units Assigned

Members of the Juneau Coast Guard Auxiliary flotilla and Coast Guard Cutter Elderberry worked together to remove buoys in the Gastineau Channel. Photo courtesy USCG: photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Walter Shinn

More than 1,800 active-duty members serve in Alaska. Helping with the missions are 400 Auxiliarists, 50 reservists and 140 civilian employees.

There are 12 floating units based in Alaska: four 180-foot buoy tenders; one 175-foot buoy tender; five 110-foot patrol boats; three medium-endurance cutters; and one 65-foot buoy tender. Two small-boat stations with three 41-foot utility boats round out the district's floating assets. Augmenting the district's law enforcement efforts are several medium and high-endurance cutters that routinely patrol Alaskan waters from the West Coast and Hawaii.

Six C-130 aircraft and 12 helicopters based at air stations Kodiak and Sitka provide additional platforms for law enforcement, marine environmental protection, search and rescue, and logistics support.

Temporary Lodging

There are no Government Billeting Facilities in Juneau Alaska.

For temporary housing (TLA) listings of hotels, motels, and other lodging facilities, please contact the Juneau Housing Manager (907)463-2825 or the Relocation Manager (907)463-2123.

The local hotels that are ideal for lodging are The Goldbelt and The Prospector. Both of these hotels are within walking distance of the Station. One you have arrived you will have 10 days to locate a residence.


There are two government owned houses in the Juneau area. 1. Flag Quarters, and 2. Unit Personnel owned Quarters. The unit personnel quarters is a 5 bedroom house utilized to house single personnel.

All other housing is government leased housing or community housing.


Most dependents of personnel at Juneu go to school at one of the following public schools: Mendenhall River Elementary, Riverbend Elementary, Glacier Valley Elementary, Floyd Dryden Middle School or Juneau-Douglas High School.

The Coast Guard Educational Services Officer (ESO) provides academic and vocational counseling to assist individuals in achieving their educational goals. Individual counseling sessions are provided for those who require more specific information and guidance.

A student may borrow video tapes and study guides for preparation for exams. (eg. Cleps, DSSTs, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and AFCTs) Students may use these resources when the office is open for customer service.

Tuition Assistance (TA) is provided to active duty personnel for academic courses. This program pays up to 75%, within allowable caps for college and 100% for high school courses or high school completion. Cap of $400 per course and cap of $1000 per fiscal year.

The Point of Contact with the Coast Guard can be reached at (907)463-2128.

Child Care

A Halloween bee stings Chief Petty Officer Tyrone Whitehead of the 17th Coast Guard District as Gold Creek Child Development Center children visit Coast Guard offices here searching for Halloween treats. Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard; photo by PAC Roger W. Wetherell

The Gold Creek Child Care Center is located in the Federal Building Post Office and Courthouse, 709 W. 9th Street Juneau. Phone number (907) 586-7529.

The center houses a Preschool Program serving breakfast in a safe & loving environment. This Licensed Child Care is Naeyc Accredited and cared for children ages 6 weeks To 5 years. There is a capacity for 65 children served.

Medical Care

Juneau Clinic located in the Juneau Federal Building. Photo courtesy USCG

Dependents need to choose a primary care provider in Juneau. Most all medical providers accept Tri-West. Once you have reported aboard, contact Juneau's Coast Guard Tri-West Representative at (907) 463-2140 for enrollment.

Medical services are available at the Coast Guard Clinic in the Federal Building in downtown Juneau, but there is only one doctor and the clinic should not be counted on as a primary source of care. There are a number of doctors around the Bartlett Hospital complex and in Mendenhall Valley.

: Most Juneau Dentists are United Concordia participating. Active Duty have access to a military Dentist who is in Juneau when not traveling to other towns in SE Alaska.