Installation Overview --Base Support Unit Kodiak, Alaska


Base Entry Gate Sign - USCG Kodiak. Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

Base Support Unit (BSU) Kodiak is a Seventeenth Coast Guard District (D17) unit on beautiful Kodiak Island approximately 250 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. BSU Kodiak is the largest operating Coast Guard base. It began as a naval base in 1941 with a Coast Guard detachment in 1947 and was established again as a USCG base in 1972.

Kodiak, also known as the "Emerald Island" is located approximately 250 miles southwest of Anchorage and is the second largest island belonging to the United States.

Kodiak is the home port of USCGC Munro (WHEC-724), USCGC Alex Haley (WMEC-39), USCGC Spar (WLB-20) and USCGC Spar (WLB-206).

Location/Driving Directions

Kodiak Island is situated in the Gulf of Alaska approximately 250 miles Southwest of Anchorage. Travel to the mainland is available by either a one hour airplane ride or by ten to twelve hour Alaska Marine Highway ferry ride to Whittier or Homer, Alaska. Both methods of travel off island are expensive and Kodiak is a high cost of living area due to its remote location and unique environment.

Driving through Canada

Anyone with a criminal record including misdemeanors or minor offenses may be barred from entering Canada as members of an Inadmissible Class. More information is available on the Canadian Embassy. Personnel and accompanying dependents who meet the criteria for Inadmissible Class and barred from entering Canada shall perform airline travel to Kodiak.

Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS)

Reservations should be made as soon as possible. Reservations can be extremely limited. Travel must be paid by the centrally billed travel account through SATO Travel 800-753-7286. Members require proof of paid tickets to board and orders must reflect authorization to travel ferry system. Pets require health and rabies certificate issued not more than 30 days prior to boarding. If traveling through Canada bring no fee passports for dependents, birth certificates, proof of vehicle liability insurance, proof of sufficient funds to handle emergencies and rabies vaccination certificates for pets.

As of January 1, 2007, per ALCOAST 113/07, Active Duty members on PCS orders may transit through Canada with orders and valid military identification. All dependents transiting through Canada must possess an official no fee passport. Active Duty members who require passports for deployment may obtain them once they arrive at their new unit.

Arriving at Kodiak Airport: Kodiak has a small one room airport. You will depart the airport drive and turn left onto Rezanof Drive at the stop sign. Approximately one mile down Rezanof you turn left into the main gate entrance to the base. No mass transit or military shuttle is available. Taxi service is available and a large sign is located in the airport at the pay phones with who to contact if your sponsor is not meeting you.

Arriving Alaska Marine Highway System on M/V Tustumena at Dock 1: Left turn out of ferry terminal parking lot onto Marine Way and travel to Rezanof Drive. Turn left at the light onto Rezanof Drive. Travel approximately 11 miles and turn left into the main entrance gate to the base.

Arriving Alaska Marine Highway System on M/V Kennicott at Dock 2: Exit parking lot and turn left onto Rezanof Drive. Travel approximately 11 miles and turn left into the main entrance gate to the base.

You will need to show your military identification card to gate personnel or drivers license to enter the base complex.

Main Phone Numbers

A Kodiak Winter Storm. Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

USCG Kodiak 907-487-5525, Ext. 269 / 800-872-4957, Ext 563 then Ext. 269 Fax 907-487-5239

Chaplains' Office 907-487-5730

Guest House 907-487-5446, Ext. 1

Housing Office 907-487-5310, Ext. 144, 145 or 146 / 800-563-4252, Ext. 144, 145 or 146 Fax 907-487-5396

Rockmore-King Clinic 907-487-5757 Fax 907-487-5360

Family Child Care Program (FCC) 800-USCGWLS Ext. 563

Population/Major Units Assigned

Base Support Unit Kodiak is home to aproximately 1,000 active duty; 1,500 family members; 224 civilians.

Kodiak is home to 13 Coast Guard Units:














Temporary Lodging

MWR RV Park. Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

The Guest House on base is a temporary lodging facility operated by Morale, Well-Being & Recreation (MWR). Reservations can be made by calling 907-487-5446, Ext. 1 and credit card guarantee is required. Current rates and other information are available on the Kodiak MWR web page. Summer PCS season is very busy with limited space, call for reservations as soon as possible.

Driving instructions to Guest House

From the airport: When departing the airport turn left at the stop sign on Rezanof Drive. The main gate entrance is 1.5 miles (on left). Enter main gate and turn left on Albatross Avenue, (second left). Stay to the right at the "Y" intersection and the Guest house is located on the right.

From town: Facing the mountains, turn left on Rezanof Drive. Continue on Rezanof Drive until you arrive at the main gate entrance to the base (on left). Enter main gate and turn left on Albatross Avenue, (second left). Stay to the right at the "Y" intersection and the Guest house is located on the right.

Guest House Features include three floor renovated non-smoking facility with 40 room, 5 family suites, 1 suite, and 2 wheelchair accessible rooms all with private baths. Open to PCS, TAD and Space Available guest. Tooms include afull kitchen, dining area and complimentary laundry area is available on each floor. There is a small child indoor play room area located on first floor adjacent to lobby area.Rooms include daily housekeeping, cable TV, VCR, refrigerator and Wireless Internet. There is a 21 day reservation limit but can be extended pending situations and space available. No pet allowed.

MWR RV Camper Lot has 4 lots are available by calling the Guest House for reservations. RV Camper lot is open from May 1st to October 15th. Space rental includes electric, septic and water. Picnic tables and fire rings available. 30 day reservation limit required with 14 day separation between reservations.


Example of 3 Bedroom Senior Officer Housing (Command Housing, O-5 and above. - USCG Kodiak. Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

Kodiak has mandatory assignment to government family housing. A release from mandatory assignment is required by the area Housing Officer in Kodiak. Release will not be allowed unless occupancy rate is 95% or higher.

You are automatically placed on the housing list when you are granted Overseas Entry Approval. Your name will be placed on the appropriate bedroom waiting list according to the arrival date stated in your Entry Request Message. You do not need to complete or submit a housing application; your Overseas Entry Approval is your housing application.

Kodiak has government owned housing located in four different areas (Upper and Lower Government Hill, Aviation Hill, and Lake Louise) and the complex has eleven different styles of homes. Not every home offered will have a garage or fenced yard. In some cases the only home that we may be able to provide will be a four-plex apartment style home. Housing is assigned on a first come, first served basis. When you receive orders to a unit in Kodiak contact the housing office for more detail 800-Kodiak2, Ext. 144, 145 or 146.

Officer housing consists of two, three, and four bedroom duplexes, three bedroom four-plexes (apartment style), three bedroom single-family homes, and three and four bedroom townhouses.

Enlisted housing consists of two and three bedroom four-plexes (apartment style), two, three and four bedroom duplexes, three bedroom single-family homes and three and four bedroom townhouses.

All government housing units include washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, fridge. You are highly encouraged not to bring appliances to Kodiak but to place them in storage at your previous duty station. You should bring adequate furniture for the size of the unit you are expecting to be assigned. Housing tends to be smaller than the lower 48 states and storage is limited. Large furniture items such as a baby grand piano, large bedroom suites, or any other oversized or excess items should be placed in non-temporary storage at origin. Non-temporary storage in Kodiak is expensive and will not be authorized at Government expense.

E-6 and below must report directly to the barracks, Temporary Lodging Allowance will not be authorized. Temporary quarters are available in the barracks while actively looking for permanent quarters on the community if release from barracks has been approved.

E-7 and above will be authorized Temporary Lodging Allowance once they have reported into their unit while awaiting household good delivery and actively looking for permanent quarters in the community. TLA information is available under Government Family Housing information.

All questions concerning the BEQ or release from quarters should be addressed to the BEQ directly at 907-487-5262 or 5260.

Government quarters are not available for geographic bachelors therefore they must reside in the community. Questions should be addressed directly to the Housing Office.


Kodiak Island Borough School District (KIBSD) operates a fully staffed school district for grades K-12.

There are four elementary schools, one Middle and High school. Elementary students that live in Government housing will attend Peterson Elementary. To register students in Kodiak schools you will need:

* Copies of all school transcripts are needed.
* Current physical medical examination.
* Meet all immunization requirements (Hep A & Hep B is required).
* Children starting kindergarten must present proof of birth-date and be five years of age prior to 15 August of the school year they plan to enter.

Medical appointments may be made at Rockmore-King Clinic on base at 907-487-5757 if a physical is needed.

If you are transferring with a child in high school be aware that Alaska has Graduation Qualifying Exams in Math, English and Writing.

Correspondence courses are available in the school district for grades K-12 through the KIBSD Regional Learning Center.

Peterson elementary students will have bus service provided from government housing on Aviation Hill and Lake Louise. Children who reside in housing on base are within walking distance to the school. All Middle and High school students in government housing are provided bus service.

Peterson Elementary does have an after school program provided by the base Child Development Center.

Special Education programs are available for students. If your child/children have an Individual Education Program (IEP) or have any special educational needs contact the Kodiak Family Resource Specialist at 907-487-5525, Ext. 274 or toll free at 800-USCGWLS Ext. 563 then Ext. 274.

There is one private Christian School and one private Catholic school on Kodiak. Both operate classroom instruction in grades K-8.

University of Alaska Anchorage, Kodiak College offers instruction and classes towards General Education Diplomas (GED).

Child Care

Base Child Development Center. Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

Child care is limited on Kodiak, especially infant care. There is also no child care presently during night and weekend hours. Sliding fee scale is available at the base CDC based on total household income for those that qualify financially. State of Alaska offers a subsidized program for parents who qualify, to help defray the cost of child care for working parents and parents attending qualified schools. If interested contact their office Monday through Friday at 907-486-9375 between 8:00 and 5:00.

BSU Kodiak Child Development Center offers Full Day Care for children 6 weeks through 5 years of age in our Infant, Toddler and Full-day Preschool rooms.

A Part Day Preschool program is offered 4 days a week for children ages 3-5. Classes start after Labor Day and end in May each year. Observes the same Federal Holidays and breaks as Peterson Elementary School.

After School Care is provided for Kindergarten to 6th grade until 5:30 every school day. Full day care is available on school out days. However, no care is available on Federal Holidays. No summer program is available for school age children. Ask for details when registering your child.

Drop In Hourly Care is available but based on staff/space availability.

The Center is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 - 5:30 and is closed on all observed Federal Holidays and some approved early closure dates.

Dependent children of employees of the Department of Homeland Security, both military and civilian, other military personnel, and other Federal employees living or working at or near the unit may use the center.

The Kodiak Family Child Care Program (FCC) program offers a quality, flexible program that provides safe and dependable childcare by certified family child care providers in government housing. FCC homes serve children 6 weeks to 12 years of age, fees are set by each individual provider and providers participate in Coast Guard and State of Alaska child subsidy programs. Providers are inspected on scheduled and unscheduled visits.

Spouses looking for a rewarding career that will allow them to stay at home, earn money and provide a much needed service to the Coast Guard community, check out the FCC program. Contact the Family Resource Specialist in the Kodiak Work Life Office at 800-USCGWLS Ext. 563.

Medical Care

Base Medical Clinic. Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

The Rockmore-King Clinic provides outpatient medical and dental care to active duty personnel and outpatient medical care to family members. School and sports physicals for children are also available by appointment. Appointments for medical care can be made by calling 907-487-5757, Ext. 149.

The facility has no inpatient or emergency room capability but provides limited after-hours care to active duty members. After hours urgent care is available locally for family members at two civilian walk-in clinics. Routine medical and dental care through TRICARE Prime Remote and the TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan is available in the local community. Access to specialty care is limited in Kodiak. Both PKIMC and the Rockmore-King Clinic periodically bring visiting specialists to the island. However, most patients needing specialty care must be flown to Anchorage usually via the twice-monthly Air Station Kodiak C-130 Medical Flights. Patients are normally referred first to Elmendorf Air Force Base Hospital. If the necessary services are not available from Elmendorf, patients are usually referred to a TRICARE Network provider in Anchorage.

Overseas screening for active duty members and their families must be completed prior to coming to Kodiak due to the lack of specialized medical care available locally. Chronic medical problems not declared during screening could affect your eligibility to remain in Kodiak. It is recommended that all medical and/or dental problems that can be dealt with while in the Lower 48 should be taken care of prior to transfer to Kodiak.

Upon arrival in Kodiak, all active duty members must check in with the Rockmore-King Clinic where we will verify DEERS and TPR eligibility. You will also be directed to the TRICARE Service Center where you can transfer your TRICARE enrollment from your previous region to Alaska. Active duty members must enroll in TRICARE Prime, with Rockmore-King Clinic as your Primary Care Manager (PCM). Active duty family members are highly encouraged to come in to the Clinic to enroll in TPR and also have their DEERS eligibility verified. Family members choosing not to elect TPR must disenroll from their previous region and then are covered under TRICARE Standard. These are the only two options available in the Kodiak area.

If you have specific questions about health care services available at the Rockmore-King Clinic, please call the Clinic Supervisor at 907-487-5757 Ext. 109 or the Clinic Administrator at Ext.107. For questions about health care services available in the local community or in Anchorage or about your TRICARE benefits, please call the TriWest Hotline at 1-888-TRI-WEST (888-874-9378) or stop by the Clinic TRICARE Service Center upon your arrival in Kodiak.