Information Required to Complete a Job Application

List of Information You Need to Apply for a Job

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When you complete a job application, regardless of whether it is a paper application or an online job application, there is information you will need to provide in order to apply for the job, and be considered for the position.

In addition to providing personal information, work history, education, qualifications, and skills, you will also be asked to attest to the fact that all the information you are giving is accurate.

Not telling the truth, fudging employment dates, leaving out information, and other inaccuracies on your application or resume can be grounds for not being hired or for being terminated in the future if the company finds out your misrepresented your background or lied. 

Information Required to Complete a Job Application

The following is the information most employers require applicants to provide. It will be easier and faster to submit applications if you collect all the information you need in advance. Keep it on hand so you can quickly get your application in for jobs that are of interest.

Personal Information

    Education and Experience

    • School(s) attended, degrees, graduation date
    • Certifications
    • Skills and qualifications

    Employment History (for both current and prior positions)

    • Employer
    • Address, phone, email
    • Supervisor
    • Job title and responsibilities
    • Salary
    • Starting and ending dates of employment
    • Reason for leaving
    • Permission to contact previous employer

      How to Find Your Employment History: Don't have all the information you need? If you can't remember where you worked when, here's how to find your employment history.

      References (usually three references)

      • Name
      • Job title
      • Company
      • Address, phone, email

      How to Get References: Preparing a list of references is essential before applying for a job. References will be able to attest to the skills and qualifications listed on your resume. Professional references include bosses, colleagues, customers, and co-workers. Personal references include friends, family,  neighbors and other people you know outside of work.

      Here's information on how and who to ask for a reference for employment.

      Availability (when you could start the job and the days/hours you are available if it's a job with a flexible schedule)

      • Days available
      • Hours available
      • Date you are available to start work

      At the end of a job application there is usually a certification that you must sign and date:
      I authorize the verification of the information listed above. I certify that the information contained in this employment application is accurate. I understand that false information may be grounds for not offering employment or for termination of employment at any point in the future.

      By signing the certification you are attesting to the truth of the information you have included on the job application. If the application is online, you will click a box to acknowledge that you are submitting complete and accurate information. That checked box will count as your signature.

      Additional Requirements

      Depending on the company you may also need to submit a resume, cover letter, writing sample, or other information with your application:

      Resume. A resume is the summary of your job experience relevant to the field of work you wish to enter. It also highlights achievements and skills that exhibit your qualifications for the job.

      Cover Letter. A cover letter is a document that provides information about yourself and your interest in applying for the job.

      The most effective cover letters detail skills and relevant experience pertaining to the potential job.

      Writing Sample. Depending on the job you are applying for, you may be required to submit a writing sample with your job application.

      Sample Job Applications

      Review sample job applications to give you an idea of what you are going to be asked. Print one or two out and complete them, so you know you have all the information ready to complete actual employment applications.

      Sample Job Application Letters

      Need to mail a job application or follow-up on an application you have submitted? Review the sample job application letters for examples of what to write and how to follow-up.

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