Six "Must Have" Infographics That Will Jumpstart Your Marketing

Getty Images / Stuart Kinlough

I love a great infographic.  It gives me information in bite size chucks and helps me see it in a visual format without having to read a large amount of content to get the meaning.   

I’ve pulled together some of my favorite infographics that will educate you on marketing statistics, marketing planning and marketing data that you will find useful in your own marketing efforts.  I think you will find them just as valuable as I have.

  1. Email Cheatsheet
    We all know that email marketing is not dead, but how do you know if you are doing it right?  If you are following best practices to get the results that you desire?  Great question, right? Well here is your answer.  Marketo created and Email Cheatsheet infographic that will answer most questions that you have about email marketing.  For example, how do you know if you are sending your emails at the right time?  The Email Cheatsheet infographic will guide you. Go ahead, take a look.
  2. Social Media Dimensions Blueprint
    If you are like me when it comes to finding all the correct sizes and dimensions for your social media assets it can be frustrating and a time suck, which is why you’ll get great use from the Social Media Dimensions Blueprint infographic by Tent Social.  A true timesaver that contains all the specs for all the social media platforms in one place and they are constantly updating it, so this can be your go-to resource without a problem.   Bookmark this one, you’ll be glad you did.
  1. Social Media Shortcuts
    Time saving shortcuts are a must have in marketing, we are always multi-tasking so anything we can do to condense the time it takes to do something I’m all for it.  That’s why I love the Social Media Shortcuts infographic. If there is a social media keyboard shortcut, this infographic has it.  Learn these shortcuts and you’ll be able to speed up your daily social network browsing in an instant.
  1. 25 Outstanding Content Marketing Tools
    I’m a huge fan of content and content curation, but where do we find all the hours in the day to do what we need to do?  We find tools that assist us in getting things done and this infographic has round up all the content marketing tools a marketer will need.  I guarantee you’ll find tools that you never knew existed. 
  2. 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post
    What makes a great blog post?  How do you know that you are writing in a way that engages your audience?  Use this infographic by QuickSprout to help you in crafting power blog posts.  It’s easy to follow and can be used as a checklist every time you sit down to write.  I also think it helps if you have a brain freeze on what to right, the elements can help in providing you with new content ideas. Note:  I normally don’t like just linking to the image of the infographic, but the pop-ups on this site I found annoying.
  3. 22 Way to Create Compelling Copy
    This is my favorite infographic in this list, first because it’s written and produced by Brian Clark at CopyBlogger, which is one of my favorite all time resources.  The other reason it’s a favorite is because it addresses a challenge we all face – writer’s block.  How do you get past it? How do you press on and come out with something that isn’t just content, but it’s good content?  This infographic helps you put your finger on the fantastic idea in the back of your head and write something terrific.   If you’re stuck, get unstuck using the ideas in this infographic.