Inexpensive Gifts for Valentine's Day or Your Anniversary

Valentine’s Day and anniversary gifts are important, but when you are on a tight budget or trying to get out of debt how can you wow your significant other without going broke? Careful planning and a little bit of work can make this Valentine’s Day the one that you will never forget. These suggestions do not require a lot of money, but do require thought and planning. Over time they will mean more than the big bouquet of flowers and the expensive chocolate. Here are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day or your anniversary without breaking the bank.

Give Your Own Gift Certificates

Valentine's Day card and chocolate
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Many people love to get massages, if you don’t have the money to buy a gift certificate for a nice salon considering giving the massage yourself. You can study up by checking out a book on Swedish massage from the library. You can make this a nice package by printing a series of certificates that can be redeemed for an hour of massage throughout the year. Then include the certificates in a package of candles and massage oils to set the mood for this fun gift.

Shower Gifts Upon Her

Another great way to make the day memorable is to build up with a flurry of smaller gifts throughout the day. You can do this quite simply with a trip to a dollar store or a retail store. Some of these gifts may be gag gifts or simple ways to demonstrate your love. For example, you can decorate their office the night before with Hershey kisses and hearts and with a card that says “I’ve kissed the ground you walked on.” You can also add gifts in his/her car with ideas that play on the items you found. End the night with a nice bouquet of flowers or a similar gift.

Plan a Romantic Evening In

Another less expensive idea is to plan an evening in for Valentine’s Day. One of the least satisfying parts of Valentine’s Day is waiting at the restaurants, even if you do have a reservation. You can get around this by cooking in. Plan your partner’s favorite meal, buy a nice bottle of wine or champagne, light candles and find the perfect music. You can also rent a favorite romantic movie and spend the night enjoying each other’s company.

A Video Tribute to Your Love

Another fun idea is to compile a short video outlining your relationship and emailing it to your significant other. This should not be too difficult to do. Just use pictures of your times together and maybe add a few of the most romantic spots that you have been to together. Set the video to your song and send it to her. This should go along with dinner or another Valentine’s Day treat.

How Do I Love You--Let Me List the Ways . . .

Finally, you may simply want to make a list of ten or more reasons you love your significant other. Write the list out on a large poster board or break it up and deliver it throughout the day. You can give a small gift to represent each of the ten things as well. For example, if you love your significant other’s cooking, buy something for the kitchen. If you love their sense of humor buy something he would find funny. The gifts do not need to be expensive, but well thought out.