How to Increase Webinar Registrations with Landing Pages that Convert

5 Simple Steps to Creating High Converting Webinar Landing Pages

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Successful webinars (“Web-based seminars”) don’t just happen with the snap of your fingers.  You’ve got to have a great topic or theme, an expert guest (or at least present yourself as the expert), and the ability to hold a restless audience’s attention for sixty to ninety (90) minutes.

However, no matter how good your content and presentation are, you’ve got to get eyeballs in front of your webinar invitation first, or your efforts will be for naught.

This requires the use and optimization of your webinar registration landing page.

Landing pages are essentially single purpose, stand alone web pages that are created for a single reason. Regarding webinar registration, its goal is to capture the relevant contact information from visitors (e.g. name, e-mail address) who have “landed” on your page. In online marketing circles, this type of landing page is commonly referred to as a lead generation page.

Assuming that you have succeeded and focus on the page’s key elements, i.e., distinct sections that will trigger positive action (signing up for your webinar).

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Here are five critical parts of any webinar registration landing page:

1. Webinar Title

Like a book or magazine article title, it should tell the prospect or visitor what they will get for devoting an hour or so to your webinar.  Ideally, it should allude to a well-recognized problem that is troubling your audience, as well how you plan to solve it.

In marketing terms, the webinar title serves as your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

2. Webinar Description (Think Benefits)

These are the selling points of your upcoming webinar where you offer a little detail about what’s in store for your attendees.  You can write a few introductory lines, followed by 3 to 5 bullet points to further entice people to sign up.

3. Edify the Expert

Talk up your invited guests so that their expert status is reinforced and visitors are confident that they are supremely qualified in their field.

Including a photo helps personalize them, and reminds visitors who have seen them before that their advice and suggestions can be trusted. Some marketers refer to this as a Hero Shot, because the photo is meant to make the guest look like a hero who will solve all their problems.

Of course, if you are the expert presenting on the webinar, the photo and credentials will be about you.

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4. Social Proof with Testimonials

Take advantage of your or your guest expert’s past performances and positive reputation with reviews from past attendees. A couple of short testimonials on your webinar registration page can make the difference between a fully attended event and one that is mostly ignored.

You can also tout your own past performances to reassure skeptics that you personally are the real deal.

5. Call to Action (CTA)

It can be as simple as a solid red button with a short message (e.g. “Yes, I’m in!”). It’s the final pay-off for your work with this landing page. The design, placement and the actual message of CTAs are all testable and measurable elements.

Analyze your results to determine what works best.

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No doubt, the webinar registration landing page is the key to drawing in attendees and potential customers to your webinar. However, it is by no means the only landing page that you will need for the overall promotion and marketing of your event. 

As an example, you could also have in place a confirmation landing page that immediately thanks your prospect for signing up, and (possibly) offer a post-confirmation “goodie” like access to your blog or a special report. If you're a really astute marketer, you could even turn your webinar registration thank you page into  - or you could even turn your webinar registrations into immediate sales before the webinar even starts.

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