5 Things You Must Include in a Writer's Home Office

One of the best parts of being a writer is tricking out a new home office that is also, conveniently, a tax write-off (or, at least it is according to my Turbo Tax!).

So, before you start planning your super-cool home office, check out some of these items and products that are both awesome, and totally necessary. Then, get to shopping!

Alternative Seating

ergonomic office chair

Trust me when I say that ergonomics injuries are no joke! Since you're the company, boss and worker, you've got to take care of yourself. Be sure you're keeping your body comfortable and your posture relaxed by alternating seating arrangements throughout your work day. Sure, you can start at the writing desk, but then move to a cushy chair or bean bag halfway through your day.

Poppin.com has some of the cutest lounge furniture I've seen so your furniture can be both healthy and cute. That's a win all around!

Stand Up Desk

Home office standing desk
Sam Diephuis/Blend Images/Getty

And, speaking of ergonomics, sitting isn't quite where it's at. You've likely heard of standing desks, and I've shared photos of mine in the past, too. This is an essential component to your home office.

Studies show that standing part of your work day is really good for you, and it gets the juices flowing. Go ahead, try it! 

Multiple Monitors

desk with multiple computer monitors

Another issue when it comes to the healthy freelancer is eye strain. Now, I wasn't interested in multiple monitors until my husband starting crowing about his work set up. I thought they were just too bulky and imposing for my desk area; who wanted all those space issues? But, once I tried it, I was sold. You would not believe how convenient it is to have two (or more) monitors while I'm doing my work.

For example, can you imagine all your research on one screen, while your work-in-progress is on another? No more juggling windows, no more saving and exiting, no more distractions when you're composing.

Remember, like Turbo Tax and my husband/accountant says: It's a tax write-off! Go ahead and splurge. 

Anything Green

Home office with plants
Spaces Images/Blend Images/Getty

So you recycle like a champ, watch your carbon footprint and eat vegan, right? So why wouldn't you consider the greenest products for your home office? If you're spending six to eight hours in a space, chances are that space is going to have some kind of environmental impact, right?

May as well make it a good one. New environmentally friendly office products range from intuitive, waste-reducing printers to conscientiously sourced wood and paper products.  

Decked in Tech

The Neo plugged into a laptop via USB port.
Get some tech in your home office!. (c) Allena Tapia

Of course, who would not want to deck out their new home office in the latest tech in this day and age? Whatever your taste, there's probably a new tech product that's all the rage just for you. On a personal level, I love office automation. I like things happening without my needing to do them myself.

That's why one of my favorite office tech products is a thermostat that senses what room I'm in and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Why should I heat my entire house when I spend eight hours in my home office!? You can't get any more automatic than that! 

Your Oasis

You're going to have to spend hours and hours in your new home office--so you may as well make it an oasis of productivity. Be sure to check out all the latest and greatest home office products as you're planning your new space!