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iFreelance is located at www.ifreelance.com. It is a fairly typical freelance "bid site" (at least by design, although it works a bit differently in practice). This means that projects are posted by those who need work done in different areas, such as accounting, writing, translation and so on, and freelancers in those areas are encouraged to "bid" on the project.

How iFreelance Works:

Bid sites like iFreelance work by competition.

A company or individual posts a job that they need done, and freelancers respond by bidding on it: naming the price that they feel they can do the job for. They also attempt to convince the company that they are the best writer for the job via included copy that often reads like a cover letter, or by submitting or pointing to example work or portfolios. The company or individual then chooses a writer from the several options.

This service isn't free for freelancers. Like similar bid sites (Guru, Elance, Upwork and so on), the freelancer is charged. iFreelance charges a flat monthly fee with different levels. Other bid sites use different payment options, such as charging a commission.

Where iFreelance Stands

One of the advantages of iFreelance over its competitors is that it actually has fewer options. Bigger bid sites, (like Guru and Upwork) actually provide a working platform and many other perks, bells and whistles.

This can have a crowding effect. iFreelance is a matching system: that's it. Once the project and freelancer are matched, there is some support, but not overkill.

Another advantage of iFreelance is its high-tech, graphical representation of your portfolio. Even those who aren't looking to bid on writing jobs may want to consider using their portfolio service--it's just that attractive.

Beginners: you may consider it a good place to put up your work samples until you get your blog or website up. 

However, iFreelance seems to ​be missing an important thing: actual projects to bid on. The few projects that were listed in the "writing" area at the time of this review didn't want bids. Instead, they were people seeking a more traditional way to work: they wanted writers to submit a cover letter and resume to their email address. As far as I can tell, then, much of iFreelance actually doesn't work as a bid site and is more of a job listing site for freelance writing jobs

Is iFreelance Safe?

Unlike other bid sites, iFreelance doesn't charge a commission on your projects, and therefore your payments don't go back and forth through them. You are generally paid by Paypal or a similar program directly from your buyer/client.

Therefore, some may consider this a bit more of a gamble. However, others are relieved that the site doesn't require a cut of their profit. Besides, there are ways to make sure you're paid for your writing.

Is iFreelance Worth the Subscription Price?

This will always be a question in contention for bid sites. Many believe that they are a great stepping stone or a way to fill up extra billable hours, while others think that the money will never be up to snuff.

Just keep your minimum hourly payment in mind as you bid on projects. Don't underestimate!