IAC Building: Frank Gehry's Majestic Structure

IAC Building has the world's first glass curtain wall to be cold-warped

IAC Building
IAC Building. Photo Flickr dandeluca

The $62 million, 10 stories high, IAC building is an amazing masterpiece from renowned Architect Frank Gehry. The InterActive Corp Building is located in Manhattan’s Chelsea District and it is so distinctive that resembles some sort of boat sailing away in the Hudson River. The building is located between 18th and 19th Streets, across from the Chelsea Pier in Manhattan. IAC building has an area of 550,000 square feet that includes retails spaces and office spaces above the 7th floor.

The building stands as one of the favorite New York’s icons due to its majestic and futuristic design. Let's check out the details of this magnificent building.

IAC Building Construction Design

The Gehry design encompasses a 10-story concrete tower with an amazing and world’s unique glass façade. The glass façade contains a special coating with ceramic particles embedded that increases the energy efficiency. The IAC building’s diagonal walls and columns allow tenants to have different non-ordinary office space layouts and open spaces, a concept that is normally used to increase office efficiency. In addition to its extraordinary interior layout, the architect also included an outside courtyard that can be used as a venue for important events.

IAC Building Construction Facts

The building has some nice construction facts. Let’s see below our favorite ones.

  • It contains the world’s first glass curtain wall to be cold-warped, which means that it was bent on site.
  • Only two columns of the frame are vertical. All concrete columns are inclined some of them as much as 25 degrees from vertical.
  • The 12 inch thick shear wall in the IAC’s buildings core, serves as a building weight to counteract the twisting effect of the columns. This wall also encases the fire stairs in the building.
  • During construction, the two day cycle reduced the floor slab completion by 50%, if compared to traditional structural steel floor system. A two-day cycle is a unique process that allows for a new floor of concrete to be poured every other day, twice as fast as is done regularly. The concrete is improved with additives allowing for a faster setting.
  • The concrete frame has a typical 12 inch flat place concrete floor with spans up to 35 feet.
  • 5,000 psi concrete was used throughout the structure.
  • The building rises 155 feet from street level and provides 70 underground parking spaces
  • Cast in place concrete provided IAC’s building with outstanding acoustic properties and fireproofing characteristics.
  • From 1,450 curtain wall units, 1,150 are unique. The units are huge, 35 ft by 22 ft.
  • In some corners of the building, the glass twists 150 degrees from ground to roof.
  • Every curtain wall unit contain three sheets of glass, two laminated and the third one, tempered, separated by an insulated air space.
  • In 2009, the building was honored with a Pinnacle Award by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of New York.
  • The floor slabs also include numerous openings which offer interior views of the building.
  • Construction on the property started during June 2004 and was completed in April 2007.

IAC Building Construction Team

The project was carried out by the following construction group:

  • Owner: IAC
  • Joint Venture Developer and Partner: The Georgetown Company
  • Owner’s Representative and Construction Consultant: Joel M. Silverman Associates
  • Base Building Design Architect: Gehry Partners, LLC
  • Interior Architect: STUDIOS Architecture
  • Executive Architect, Base Building: Adamson Associates
  • Graphic Design and Building ID: Bruce Mau Design
  • Audio Visual Integrator: Mccann Systems LLC
  • Architectural Lighting Designers: Brandston Partnership Inc.
  • IT and Security Consultants: TM Technology Partners Inc.
  • Construction Management: Turner Construction
  • Structural Engineer: DeSimone Consulting Engineers
  • Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Engineers: Cosentini Associates
  • Geotechnical Engineer: Langan Engineering and Environmental Services
  • Curtainwall Glass Consultant: Israel Berger & Associates, Inc.
  • Curtainwall Manufacturer: Permasteelisa Group