HSA Home Warranty Review

Find out everything you need to know before signing up for a plan


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If you are looking for ways to protect your budget against the high cost of home repairs, a home warranty could be just the solution you need. Home warranty companies offer service contracts to repair/replace appliances or home component systems when unexpected repairs are needed. Home Security of America, Inc. (HSA Home Warranty) is one company that offers home warranty coverage plans and we’ve done some research to let you know more about what the company can offer.

During our review process of HSA Home Warranty, we reviewed the types of plans offered including pricing, exclusions, claims handling, customer service, the company’s BBB rating, and how it stacks up against the competition. So take a peek below to see what's covered, what's not, as well as other pertinent information to help you make a decision on if this HSA Home Warranty offers the right coverage and plans for your needs.

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What We Like

  • Provides standard coverage for items excluded from many home warranties, including lack of maintenance, water heater sediment, and rust and corrosion

  • Standard waiting period for home warranties is 30 days, but HSA’s waiting period is only 15 days for properties not involved in a real estate transaction

  • Comprehensive coverage for someone buying/selling a home

What We Don't Like

  • No Nationwide coverage; coverage is available in 19 states plus Washington, D.C.

  • No pricing available online for existing homeowners (properties not involved in a real estate transaction); you must call

  • Numerous exclusions may mean your home repair won’t be covered

Company Overview

HSA Home Warranty has been in business since 1978. The company headquarters is in Newport, North Carolina. HSA Home Warranty’s parent company is American Home Shield which acquired the company in 2014. It offers home warranties to homeowners, buyers/sellers, and real estate professionals. Optional add-on coverage is available for an additional charge.

Coverage is offered in 19 states (Alaska, Kansas, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Missouri, Iowa, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, New York, Maryland) plus Washington, D.C.

HSA Home Warranty does business through its HSA Home Warranty, Inc. and other subsidiary companies, including Home Security of America, Inc., Home Security Association, Inc., HSA Home Warranty, Inc., Home Security of Wisconsin, and Home Security Association of Virginia, Inc.

Available Plans 

The plans below are for buyers/sellers. You may purchase a home warranty direct for a home not involved in a real estate transaction. However, you must call the HSA Home Warranty Sales number 800-367-1448 for pricing. The sales representative said the same coverage is available for existing homeowners that are available for buyers/sellers.

Real Estate Plans

HSA Home Warranty is designed for buyers/sellers and real estate professionals even though it also offers direct plans to homeowners. Pricing varies by plan and state. Seller coverage is the effective date of application. Buyer coverage effective date of closing for a 12-month period and is renewable.


You may purchase coverage for some excluded items. You’ll have to speak with a company representative to find out if the optional coverage is available for the item you need to be covered and if it is available in your area. For exclusions on homes not involved in a real estate transaction, you must speak with a company representative.


To file a claim call HSA at 1-800-367-1448, 24/7 or you may request service through the customer portal. Failure to obtain prior approval for emergency services may result in denial of the claim. HSA requests to speak with the contractor prior to emergency repairs being performed.

Payout Caps/Limitations

Coverage limits for HSA Home Warranty plans are $25,000, with a $5,000 per mechanical system sub-limit. Limitations of liability include: no coverage for pre-existing conditions when the components or parts were not in working order on the date the plan was purchased; abuse, misuse, fire, lightning, freezing, ice, storms, smoke, water damage, acts of God, accident, earthquake, soil movement, mud, chemical or sediment build-up, fungus, rot, mold, power failure, power shortage or power outage, insect or rodent damage, pet damage, insurable peril; costs involving removal of toxic materials or asbestos. (The sample contract provides a full list of “limitations of liability” under Item F.)

Repair Time

Emergency service provided by contractors outside of the preferred contractor network must be pre-approved. You are able to call HSA at 1-800-367-1448 24/7 to obtain approval for emergency service. Repair or replacement will be performed within 48 hours under normal circumstances.

Customer Service

HSA Home Warranty can be contacted online 24/7 to order a home warranty, request service, or locate a sales representative. You can also reach a customer service representative by calling toll-free: 800-367-1448. 

BBB Rating

HSA Home Warranty has no rating with the BBB and is not an accredited business. Its parent company, American Home Shield, has a "B" rating from the BBB, and a 3-out-of-5 star average rating based on over 5,000 customer reviews. It is also not an accredited company. A total of over 11,000 customer complaints have been received with the majority of the complaints listed as a “problem with a product or service.”


We checked the yearly pricing for buyer/seller plans in several states. (TCF stands for “trade service call.” The term is another name for deductible or service fee.) If you decide to pay a higher TCF, your yearly rate will be lower.

You must call the sales line for pricing on properties not involved in a real estate transaction. We called and obtained sample pricing for an existing homeowners policy in Georgia and found two plans available, basic with a $75 TCF or $100 TCF. The pricing for each yearly plan was slightly higher ($15) than the buyer/seller plans available for the same state. 

The Competition: HSA Home Warranty vs. Home Warranty of America

HSA Home Warranty and Home Warranty of America both have 24/7 claims service and comprehensive basic coverage (HSA offers basic coverage 20 home components/systems and Home Warranty of America covers 23). Home Warranty of America’s plan prices range from $493 to $600 yearly while plans for HSA Home Warranty range from $400 to $600 depending on location and plan. HSA Home Warranty offers standard coverage for lack of maintenance, water heater sediment, and rust and corrosion. Home Warranty of America does not list exclusions or terms & conditions on its website so it is unclear whether or not these items are excluded from coverage. HSA Home Warranty, through its parent company, and Home Warranty of America both have “B” ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Final Verdict

If you will soon be buying a home, HSA Home Warranty offers one of the most comprehensive plans around with reasonable prices. Many items are covered in their basic plan than are excluded from many other home warranties (conditions, lack of maintenance, water heater sediment, and rust and corrosion.)

Pricing is less clear for homes not involved in a real estate transaction. You’ll need to call for pricing. Based on our research, they look to be slightly higher than the plans for buyer/sellers or real estate professionals.

Coverage is only available in 19 states, so you’ll need to see if coverage is available in your area. You should also check into the exclusions to make sure a repair you may need will be covered, and if none of them are deal-breakers, HSA Home Warranty is definitely worth a shot.