How to Write an Awesome About Me Page for Your Blog or Website

8 Steps to Make Your About Me Page Attract Business

Write Great About Page
Make your About Page sell your business. Credit: sorbetto | Getty Images

In the career world, resumes and About Me pages are the two most misused resources for personal branding and promotion. More often than not, they’re boring documents used to list achievements. Snore.

The reality is that these are marketing documents designed to attract people who can pay you money in exchange for work or a product. In today’s crowded marketplace, you can’t afford to be boring.

Here are 8 tips to make your About Me page stand out and pull in business.

Before Writing Your About Me Page:

Before you start writing your About Me page, you need to make decisions about your business and market.

1. Define your brand.

Before you can appeal to others, you need to know what it is you offer and stand for. Even if you’re a freelancer, promoting yourself as opposed to a business name, you need to build your brand. That means you need to establish what you’re offering, determine why you’re the best person to offer it, and define your promise to your clients and customers. Consider crafting a mission statement, as well.

2. Identify your target market.

Great marketing documents speak directly to the people they’re trying to attract. In order to do that, you need to know who your target market is. Not only do you need to define it in terms of demographics (i.e. age, gender, socioeconomic status, etc), but also its wants and needs as related to what you offer.

For example, if you’re a fitness trainer working with baby boomers, what is about this target group that makes them want to get fit? Do they want to look good? Feel good? Maintain a high quality of living as they get older?

3. Determine the benefits of what you offer.

Too often, home-based entrepreneurs focus on what makes them great (features), and not enough on what clients or customers get out of working with the business (benefits).

Why should they buy your product or service over the competitions? Be clear and concrete about the benefits in working with you. Sometimes, home business owners get stuck thinking a feature, such as being faster, is a self-explanatory benefit. But what does “faster” actually mean for the customer? Can they have the product or service today? If yes, then say that. This is where knowing what your target market wants is helpful because your benefits are the solutions they’re looking for.

Writing Your About Me Page:

Once you’re clear on your brand and what benefits you offer, it’s time to draft a great About Me page. Remember, you don’t want to be boring or fill your page with a bunch of blah, blah, blah. Your goal is to entice people to hire or buy from you.

4. Tell visitors what they’ll get.

Many About Me pages start off listing accomplishments and boring information that aren’t interesting to the reader. Instead, start off by letting your visitors know what benefit they’ll get from your product, services, or website. A great way to do this in a line or two is to tweak your mission statement (#1) so that it focuses on the benefits (#3) readers can get. For example:

“My Fitness Biz focuses on fun and effective fitness so you can look and feel great in only 30 minutes a day.”

5. Share why you’re the best person to help your market.

What is about what you do that makes you stand out from the competition and meet the needs of the market? While this is a section to toot your horn, always be focused on how your qualifications benefit the market.

“I have over 20 years experience making fitness fun and helping people feel and look great. Each 30-minute fitness program is designed by a  certified fitness professional and will have you moving safely so you can get fit, feel great, and enjoy life to the fullest, without expensive gym memberships or taking too much time away from your everyday life.”

6. Be you and tell your story.

Boring lists of your achievements or hyped-up claims will only turn people away from your website and business. Instead, be authentic and real. Let visitors know why and how you got started in your business.

Include at least one photo of you, but consider including more if it’s relevant to your business. If you have success stories, share a couple of them.

“I was 20 pounds overweight, but struggled to stick with boring, time-consuming exercise programs. Then I discovered ways to make exercise fun, and not only lost the weight, but now I look forward to working out every day. A few of my co-workers asked me about my workout regimen and I realized many other people want to get fit, but the traditional workout programs don’t meet their needs. That’s why I created My Fitness I can help others have fun and get fit too. Today, I’ve helped over 100 people enjoy fitness, lose weight, gain more energy, and live a fuller life in only 30 minutes a day.”

7. Tell them what to do next.

Your About Me page is a good resource for helping your visitors navigate your website or provide direction on their next step through the use of a call to action statement. If you have articles or resources new visitors should check out, list them. If you offer free 15-minute consultations, tell them to contact you and give them an easy way to get in touch (i.e. a contact form right on the About Me page).

“If you’re ready to make fitness fun, here’s what to do right now...”

8) Provide ways to stay in touch with you.

The most successful home businesses strive to engage with the market. Ideally, you should have an email list that allows you to continue to deliver great resources, as well as remind them of your products and services. But not everyone is so willing to give up their email address, so also include other ways to stay in touch such as social media.

“Get our free, 5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun report by signing up for our email list below. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and YouTube where you can see our fit-n-fun move of the day.”

Remember, your About Me page is supposed to make people want to hire or buy from you. Make sure it’s not filled with boring information, but instead, shows your prospects how you can make a difference in their lives.