YouTube: What is It and How Can You Use it in Your Home Business

Tips for Using YouTube for Your Home Business

YouTube Video for Home Business
YouTube provides an effective free marketing tool for home business. Credit: Robert Daly | Getty Images

What Is YouTube?

YouTube was founded in 2005 and bought by Google in late 2006. From the first video,  Meet Me at the Zoo, posted by one of the founders, the site grew quickly, becoming the fifth most popular site online within a year. Today, it's second, right behind Google, according to Alexa.

Because of its interactive features (i.e. comments), YouTube is considered a social networking site. Users can post videos for free and share them with others - either by email, by embedding code on their website, or by sharing the videos through other social networks.

How can Home Business Use YouTube?

YouTube is an extremely valuable resource for home business owners for several reasons. 

  1. Tutorials. Can't figure out how to use your new graphic software? Need tips on how to troubleshoot a tech issue? Odds are you can find answers, with step-by-step instructions from someone on YouTube.
  2. Training. Similar to getting tutorials, YouTube videos offer training in a variety of industries. Get complete training on how to use software, setup your hardware, and more. 
  3. Inspiration. Many motivational speakers and coaches post videos to inspire and motivate you to reach your goals.
  4. Marketing. Beyond getting help, learning something new, or getting motivated, YouTube is a marketing tool to help promote home business.

How to Use YouTube for Marketing and Promotion.

The Internet has become increasingly visual. Graphics and videos have a better chance of attracting people than text alone.

At one time, producing video was technically challenging and expensive, but today, there is not reason a home business owner can't create and post videos.

A video posted on YouTube has the potential to become viral because of the large numbers of people who visit YouTube every day and because of the sharing tools that are featured within YouTube.

YouTube is often used for business as part of a social media marketing campaign. That means, done well, a video can propel your reach to your target market quickly. 

Video can be made from a variety of sources including:

  1. Screenshots from your computer.
  2. Smartphone 
  3. Webcam
  4. Video camera
  5. Powerpoint slides

Things to consider when creating video are:

  1. Be interesting. 
  2. Be entertaining.
  3. Be informative.
  4. Be clear.
  5. Be concise and brief.

To create a compelling video:

  1. Plan your video in advance. This will help ensure that the flow is good and you don't waste viewers time with unneeded content. (I'm sure you've seen video that droned on and on.)
  2. Write a script but don't read. Again, scripts will keep your video to the point, but you want to infuse energy and character into your voice, so don't just read the script. Many video stars prefer to use bullet points to help stay on topic.
  3. Vary visuals. Whether it's you on camera or graphics, keep things interesting and change them up. People get bored watching someone just sit there and talk. Zoom in or out or include other visuals in your video to create interest.
  1. Don't use copyrighted music or graphics without permission. There are many places to get free and low-cost graphics. Some video editing programs come with music you can use or you can stock music fairly affordably.

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