How to Use the My eBay Dashboard Page

Where to Find All of the Most Important Tools on eBay

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My eBay is a portion of the eBay website that collects all of your current eBay activity, including buying and selling activity, on a single page for easy viewing and access. My eBay matches your bids and auctions to tools that help to streamline your eBay experience. Think of My eBay as your eBay dashboard, where you can access all your information.

How to Navigate to Your My eBay Page 

This area of the site can be accessed at the main eBay site as well as by clicking the "my eBay" icon at the top of any eBay page.

Here is where can access all listings on which you've recently bid, all auctions you've recently won or purchases you've recently made, all items you are currently selling and all items you have recently sold.

My eBay is also where you'll be able to see all items you are currently watching and your list of your favorite sellers and/or searches.

My eBay Customizable Features and Tools in Detail

When you visit the My eBay page, you'll see your My eBay summary page, which displays a customizable summary of your current eBay activity. Many beginner eBay users don't take full advantage of the customizable nature of their My eBay page. But that's okay. As you get more familiar with the eBay platform and the tools you use the most, you can begin to play around with where you want to see each section or even what color you want your page header to be.

On the left side of your My eBay summary page, you'll see a navigation bar that includes links to all of the basic areas in the My eBay system, which include:

Activity Tab: On the Activity tab, you can track all of your buying and selling activity. You can access your purchase history as far back as three years.

Buying Tools: The My eBay buying tools are used to manage the auctions that you're watching, your outstanding bids, the items you've bought or won, and items you bid on but didn't win.

Selling Tools: The My eBay selling tools are used to manage your own item listings, the items you've sold, and the items you've listed that haven't sold.

Message System: The My eBay message system is used to manage your transaction-related communication with eBay and eBay members. As always, the eBay message system allows you to send and receive secure emails through the system.

Favorites Page: The My eBay favorites page gives you easy access to your favorite searches and sellers on eBay so that you can find items you'd like to purchase much more quickly.

Account Tools: The My eBay account tools are used to manage your eBay account, including such details as your feedback profile, name, address, contact information, and eBay seller fees.

Using My eBay

As a regular eBay user, you'll quickly become familiar with many of the features in your My eBay page. The more proficient with My eBay you are, the more easily you'll be able to locate items you wish to buy, win auctions at your preferred price, and sell items for the best possible amount.

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