How to Turn Off Facebook's Facial Recognition Tags

Stop Those Annoying Automatic Name Tags on Facebook Pictures


Facebook automatically opts you in for their facial recognition widget. That means, once you have been tagged in a single image, or use a profile image of your face, Facebook will attempt to automatically tag your name on any other images uploaded to the site.

Here is how to turn off, opt-out, and stop those annoying auto name tags from appearing in Facebook pictures:

  1.  Select "Account" drop-down menu at the top right of your Facebook page and click "Privacy Settings."
  1.  Locate "Sharing on Facebook" and click on "Customize Settings."
  2. Scroll down to "Suggest photos of me to friends" and click on "Edit Settings."
  3. Now, in the drop-down menu on the right, click "Disabled."

Changing your Facebook privacy settings will not delete tags that have already been added to existing photos, but you can delete them manually by viewing any image where you are tagged and looking under the image to find "In this photo: (names of tagged people) (photos · remove tag)" and asking for your name to be removed.

Tagged Image Privacy Tip:: You can also choose to hide who can see images you are tagged in by selecting "Photos and videos you're tagged in" (found under Step 2, above) and clicking "Only me."