How to Store Green Onions or Scallions

Water is the key to keeping them fresh

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Do your green onions always seem to turn limp and slimy before you get around to using them? The way you're storing them is the likely culprit. If you switch to one of these methods of storing green onions, or scallions, you'll find they last days longer.

Option 1

Place your green onions in a jar and fill it with an inch or two of water, just enough to cover the roots. Then place the jar on the windowsill in your kitchen.

Your onions will not only stay fresh but also will continue to grow. Change or add water every couple of days, as needed.

Option 2

Place your green onions in a jar with a bit of water, just like option 1. Then cover them with a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator. Replace the water every couple of days. Just be sure to put them where they aren't likely to get knocked over.

Option 3

Wrap the ends of your green onions in a slightly damp paper towel. Then place them inside a plastic bag or storage container. Re-moisten the paper towel if it dries out; replace it if it becomes too wet.

Past-Their-Prime Onions

If you have onions lying around that are past their prime, you don't have to throw them out. You have other options. If you cut off the last inch of each onion, the white part with the roots, and plant it in your garden or in a pot on your windowsill, your onions will regrow themselves.

If you just snip off the tops whenever you need green onions but leave the white part with the roots planted in the ground, your onions will grow back yet again. You can keep doing this as long as you don't disturb the roots.

In many places, green onions will even survive the winter. It's pretty neat to be able to walk outside for fresh green onions in the middle of December.

So if you've never tried regrowing green onions, give it a go. You'll have your own supply for as long as you want, and that's a serious saving if you use green onions a lot in your cooking.

Uses for Green Onions

Now that you know how to keep green onions fresh by storing them properly and also how to keep a full supply in your garden by regrowing them, you're probably going to need some new ideas to help you use up all of those fresh green onions that you have at your disposal. This green onion dip mix is a tasty way to use up scallions. You can also use your excess green onions to make savory scallion pancakes and breads. You can also mix green onions into cream cheese to create your own flavored spread for crackers or artisan bread; it's especially good on rye.