How to Start Telecommuting

If you are looking for a flexible way to be at home during the day, a way to save money on gas, childcare costs or for a way to make extra money at home, you should consider telecommuting. It may be an option if you are moving for your partner's job as well. You can take a full-time or part-time telecommuting job at home, while still having your traditional full-time job or you can work on transitioning your current job into a telecommuting job. This is a good option if you are in a situation where you can't afford to work because of childcare costs.

Try Telecommuting With Your Current Job

If you are serious about telecommuting, one of the easiest ways to begin is to transition your current position into a telecommuting position. Look carefully at your job and decide whether or not you could do it from home without a lot of disruption to your employer. If you believe that you can you should speak to your employer about the possibility of telecommuting. At first, you may ask to telecommute two to three days a week and to still come into the office on a regular basis. If that works, then you may want to ask to increase the time after six months. Additionally, suggest a trial period to your boss and be willing to come back to work if it does not work out.

Look for a Telecommuting Position Specifically

Another way to get a telecommuting position is to begin looking for one. People all over the world are beginning to telecommute since the Internet makes it much easier to pass information and stay in touch doing real-time activities. There are a wide variety of telecommuting positions available, and it is possible to work as secretary, a computer programmer, a marketing or Public Relations person or as a teacher telecommuting.

Consider Part-time Telecommuting Work

If you are looking for part-time work, you may consider working as a telemarketer for a part-time position that allows you to telecommute. This type of work is good for a second job because the telemarketing companies often want people with evening and weekend hours to do the work for them. The pay can be fair if you find a reputable company to work for.

Prepare a Home Office with Telecommuting Equipment

It is also important to be prepared to telecommute. You will need a home computer that is fairly fast. Some companies may have specific requirements so that you can download their software to work from home. (A legitimate company will never charge you to download software to work for them.) You will also need a high-speed Internet connection. You may need a fax machine and a scanner in order to complete your tasks at home.

Set Up a Telecommuting Schedule and Rules to Protect Work Time

Additionally, you should be prepared to have a quiet home environment during your working hours. It can be quite distracting to try to work from home. If you have children, you will still need to have childcare available to you. You may also find it difficult to stay on task or that friends and family constantly interrupt your working time. Many people feel that if you are at home, then you are available to them. You should set up firm rules regarding whether or not you will take personal calls during business hours. Do not be afraid to say no when asked to do favors because you are at home now.