How to Staff an Event

Event Staffers Can Influence Event Success

staff an event

You have planned, organized and tended to every last detail of your upcoming event and now it is show time. Are you ready? If you have not selected the appropriate staff for your event, then the answer to that question is no. Knowing how to staff an event is an important – but sometimes overlooked – step in the event planning process. So before you get too far along, secure the event staff that best suits your needs.

They will not only be the extra help you need; they will also be the people your guests come into contact with and that interaction can help or hurt the success of your event.

What Event Staff Do You Need?

The answer to this question depends upon several different factors:

  1. The number of guests you are expecting
  2. The event duration
  3. The audience
  4. The overall scope of your event all play a part in your staffing decisions.    

Staffing may include:

  1. Parking attendants
  2. Registration check-in agents
  3. Food servers
  4. Coat checkers
  5. Customer information representatives. 

For large scale events, you may need event staff to:

  1. Oversee exhibit booth set up
  2. Greet and assist guest speakers
  3. Handle table and seating arrangements and
  4. Tend to audiovisual equipment. 

If your event is for an organization, you may have company employees or event volunteers available who can assume some of the staffing responsibilities. Other assistance may already be provided by the event venue or any vendors you have engaged, such as catering.

Work through every facet of your event from start to finish to determine your staffing needs. Keep in mind that problems will arise and you will not be able to personally put out every fire and tend to every detail. Hire adequate staff to cover all of the services being provided.

Event Staffers Can Make or Break Your Event

All event staff working your event are akin to customer service representatives.

 If a customer has a bad experience with customer service, they may never return to that company. Similarly, a negative interaction with an event staffer can taint what was otherwise a positive event experience. Do not put the success of your event into the hands of inexperienced event staff. Budget for the appropriate staff and secure their availability weeks in advance so you are not left with…well, the leftovers. Hire the best event staffing possible.

Educate Your Event Staff

Even the most experienced, qualified event staff needs instruction. Provide background on your company, the purpose of the event, who the guests are, any potential problems to be on the lookout for, and discuss your expectations. A well-informed event staff can professionally answer questions and effectively assist your guests. Designate a contact person for hired event staff and indicate the best way to reach them should they have questions or need assistance. If your event staff is on board with your mission and goal, they are more likely to be able to help you achieve it. 

Consider Your Own Extra Set of Hands

It can take many sets of hands – or at least more than just your pair of hands – to execute a successful event.

 Even if you have already hired caterers, a florist, ticket agents and valet parking attendants, don’t overlook your own needs. You are the main person in charge of this event and, inevitably, those involved will look to you to personally answer their questions and address their concerns. Hire a professional, capable assistant to act as your “go-to” person. Having a knowledgeable individual by your side to take any number of small tasks off your plate will be money well spent.