5 Tips to Spark Creativity in Your Import-Export Business

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Creativity can be right before your eyes. Laurel J. Delaney

Sparking creativity is difficult to achieve. One way to never make it happen is to never try anything new. But what about this: Are you cranking out a ton of projects of a similar type at your import-export business? Hopefully not. That sounds crazy but stay with me because in this article we will show you how to step away from the tried and true, get out of your comfort zone, stay far away from boredom and start sparking creativity.

Read on, but only if you want to spark creativity.

Here’s the shortlist on how to spark creativity at your import-export business.

1. Don’t Do Too Many Projects of a Similar Type

Doesn’t that sound contrary to what you should be doing? That’s the point. To spark creativity, you have to stop doing the same thing over and over again with the same results. Example: If you are good at design, say developing logos for clients all over the world (considered a service export), have you ever given a try at applying that same design talent to illustrating a children’s book for a client based in the UK or Australia? That may sound wacky, but if you have an eye for design and detail, you should be able to apply that same precision to creating wonderful pictures for kids to enjoy. Think about the enjoyment you might get out of that joy.

2. Move Into as Many Different Fields as Possible That Relate to Your Expertise

Back to the designer example, maybe you have a client who needs you to design a graphic for a webinar she is hosting and that same client asks you if you know anything about setting up webinars.

Sound far-fetched? Good. That’s what we want here to spark creativity. All of a sudden, you recall that you do know how to set up a webinar — you just hosted one at your own company just a couple of months ago and it was successful. Jump in to see what you can learn on how to launch a webinar and handle all the design for it.


3. Go After Things That You Don’t Totally Know How to Do

As the designer extraordinaire, has one of your clients recently asked you to create an entire ebook for them? Ouch. Sounds complex and time-consuming because they want awesome design, great writing skills and the ability for you to market the book once it is complete. The good news is that they are willing to pay you your regular design rate along with a commission on every ebook that is sold as a result of not just your marketing efforts, but anyone’s. Your initial reaction is going to be: I don’t do ebooks; I do design. Yet what is stopping you from going after something you don’t totally know how to do? Perhaps taking on new projects like this one will spark creativity and possibly put you on a path to an entirely new revenue stream for your business.   

4. Push Yourself to Go Into Projects That Require a Different Skill Set 

Let’s say, and hope, that TEDx, the short talk model that only demands the audience's attention for a short period of time, comes knocking at your door and asking you to give a talk on how to design a logo that everyone in the world will fall in love with. Never given a talk before? Hold your horse, for this will be the ride of your life.

Pushing yourself to go into a project that requires a different skill set from your own will spark creativity like you’ve never imagined for yourself.  

5. Take on Things by Accident or Default to See Where It Goes and What Comes of It

Most rational people only take on projects that fit within their comfort zone. But perhaps someone has asked you to run the single’s club event they are hosting. Yes, you did the design for the program but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to run an event. If you have the time, go for it! Why not? Who knows where it will lead or what will become of it.

A final bit of advice to challenge you is to address these two questions: Never done it? Don’t know if you can do it? Do it anyway. See how it sparks creativity for you.

These are my tips for unleashing your talent and sparking creativity.

The trick (secret) to doing really exciting, creative work is to like the work in the first place and push the limits on it. Start with a beginner’s mind and you will surely open up to more luck and land opportunities you didn’t know were possible.