How to Set Up Quicken 2014 Mobile App

7 Steps to Get Started with Quicken 2014 Money Management App

Quicken Mobile App
Shelley Elmblad

Quicken mobile apps are free, and can only be used with Quicken personal finance software for Windows. There is one app for Quicken 2013 and one for Quicken 2014, and they can't be used interchangeably.

Before you can use the Quicken Money Management 2014 mobile app on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device, you need to set up the desktop software. This tutorial assumes that you have already set up your financial accounts in Quicken desktop software.

Although your Quicken desktop software data file will not be changed when you sync with the mobile app, back up your Quicken data as a precaution. If you're not using an online back up solution, you can back up to a USB drive or to a CD.

Intuit ID for Quicken Cloud Account

You need an Intuit ID to sync the mobile app and desktop software using the Quicken Cloud Account. If you already have an account to log in at, or have a Quicken Mobile ID, you're all set.

If you need to create an ID, follow these steps from within Quicken 2014 desktop software:

  1. Click on the Mobile & Alerts tab on the upper right, then click on the green Get Started button.
  2. Enter your email address, then enter it again to confirm that you've typed it correctly.
  3. Enter your zip code. This will be used to send an access code to your email address, and will be used to help with recovering your Intuit ID password if you forget it.
  4. Click Next on the bottom right, and a window will pop up saying that your Quicken Cloud Account is being created.
  5. Selecting Accounts for Syncing to Mobile: Next, you will be given the option to select the accounts you want to sync with Quicken 2014 mobile app. You can't sync investment accounts or accounts that use foreign currencies yet, but you can sync savings, checking, credit card and cash accounts. If you have accounts that aren't set up to download transactions (you're probably entering transactions manually in these accounts or aren't using them), you will see them listed under Other.
  6. Click on Done in the lower right corner and you will see Quicken cycle through a few different windows as it connects to your banks and the Cloud Account. Don't try to use Quicken during this process.
  7. When you see the Accounts Synced window, the process is finished and you can click on Done.

Using the App

If you haven't done so already, you will need to download the mobile app on your Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad. To preview apps, see them at iTunes App Store, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore where you can try any app online for a few minutes before deciding whether to install it.

To sync your accounts and use Quicken 2014 Money Management app, log in on the app using the email address and password created for your Intuit ID.

In addition to being able to sync accounts and use other features of the mobile app, you can set Quicken up to send you email and text alerts and a weekly summary by clicking on the 'edit alerts settings' link at the top of Email and Text Alerts under the Mobile & Alerts tab.

Tips for Using the Mobile App

You can install and use the Quicken Money Management app on multiple mobile devices, so if you use an Android phone and an iPad, you can sync both with your desktop software.

If you used the Quicken mobile app on a device previously, you probably have an existing data file. If this is the case, the first time you sync data with Quicken 2014 for Windows, you will be given two options (you can also do nothing):

  1. Replace the old data file on the Android or iOS device with the data currently in the desktop software.
  2. Create a new data file in the desktop software that contains the data in the mobile app.

Whatever you choose, your Quicken desktop data will not be lost since it will stay in the current data file. If you need more information about Quicken data files before you decide between the two options, see Where is My Quicken Data File?.