How to Set up a Cash Account in Quicken

Set Up an Account in Quicken. Intuit

If you're really keeping close track of your budget, you need to have a cash account for some of your purchases. Cash accounts are also great for managing kids' allowance, keeping track of job-related expenses and flexible spending account expenses and reimbursements. Quicken makes it easy to set up and use cash accounts, and you can transfer funds to and from that account and others.

This tutorial is for Quicken 2011 or later, but may provide guidance for earlier versions.

  1. Click on Add an Account at the bottom of the account bar on located on the left. Alternatively, you can click on Tools, Add Account.
  2. The account set up window will pop up. Under the account category Spending, select Cash, then click on the Next button on the bottom right.
  3. Name the account so you can easily distinguish it from other accounts, especially if you will be setting up multiple cash accounts. Quicken automatically provides the name Cash Account. You can accept that or change the account name to something else. Click Next.
  4. Enter details for the date to start using the account and the amount of cash you have on hand that you'll be tracking with this account. The date to start tracking will default to today's date, you can accept that or change it. For the amount of cash you have, remember that this is physical cash and not money in an account. Click Next.
  5. Quicken tells you that the account has been added. At this point, you can either click on Finish on the lower left to go back to using Quicken. Alternatively, if you need to set up another account (whether cash or other type), click on Add Another Account to go back to the beginning of the account set up process.
  1. Your new cash account will now show up on the left in the account bar under the Banking category.
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