Learn How to Remove Your Resume From the Internet

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Have you posted your resume online and then forgotten about it? That happened to Jennifer who emailed me recently and asked me how she could remove her resume from the Internet.

She had done a Google search for her name and the first listing in the search results was a resume that she had posted on Indeed.com and made public. She has a new job and she doesn't want her ​resume listed online any longer.

She's not job hunting and she certainly doesn't want her new employer to think she is.

How to Remove Your Resume From the Internet

If you don't remember where you have posted, removing your resume isn't quite as easy as you might think. So, for future reference, when you're job searching, it's a good idea to make a list of the sites you are using. Keep track of all your usernames and passwords, and don't use the same ones for job sites as you do for your personal logins.

Even better, create a new email account to use just for your job search. Use that email address for all your accounts and keep a list of your passwords. Again, don't use the same password as you use for your personal accounts. It will not only be easier to keep track of your correspondence, but it will also help you protect your privacy and avoid identity theft.

If you do have a list of the sites where you have registered and login information, you should be able to remove or make your resume private so it's not viewable by employers.

When You Don't Remember Where You Posted It

If you don't have a list and/or don't remember where you posted your resume, the more important copies to remove are those that show up publicly. To find them, search Google by your name and the word resume. If you posted your resume so anyone can view it, it should show up.

You can also search a bit more specifically and include some keywords that you know are on your resume. For example, search Google for your name, job title, company.

Check Privacy Settings

With some job sites, especially those that have a networking component, you may want to leave your resume online, but limit who can see it. Check the privacy settings. You may be able to change your resume's visibility from public to limited or private.

How to Delete Your Resume

When you have decided that you do want your resume deleted, login to the site where you posted and delete or remove your resume. If you don't remember your username and password, follow the instructions on the page for retrieving a lost username/password.

Another way to check where you have posted online is to go back through your old email messages. You should have received a confirmation email when you set up an account on the job board. You may also have received email messages from prospective employers. When you find an account you created, you will be able to log in and delete your resume or make it private so it's not visible to employers.

Update Your Information

While you are checking around for your resume, take the time to update your online career-related accounts.

You never know when you might need them in the future. If you have a LinkedIn profile take the time to update it with your latest employment information. If you have a VisualCV or other online version of your resume, and you want to keep the account, take the time to make sure that all the information is current.