How to Remove Children From a Car Insurance Policy

Steps to Taking Adult Children off Your Insurance Policy

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Removing a kid from car insurance may be more difficult than you thought. Insurance carriers are wary of removing kids from their parent's policy. Since they are your kids, the insurance carrier could still be held liable under certain circumstances even if the kids are not listed on the policy. It is in the insurance carriers' best interest to force you to jump through a few hoops before getting your kid removed from your car insurance policy.

Exclude Kid as Driver

The fastest and easiest way to get a kid removed from your car insurance policy is to exclude them as a driver. Not all preferred carriers allow excluded drivers, but if they do this will get the child off your policy the easiest. Some carriers do include a fee for excluded drivers. The cost will still be less than insuring a teen driver on your car insurance policy.

Things to consider about excluding a kid from your car insurance includes that they literally cannot drive your vehicle at any time. Coverage will not be available. It is the same as driving without car insurance when an excluded driver drives a vehicle they are excluded from.

Provide Proof of Other Car Insurance

Provide proof to your car insurance carrier that your kid is insured on another car insurance policy. This will definitely work if the kid in question does not live in your household. If the child does live in your household, the insurance carrier could still require the child to be listed on your policy. The only other option might be to exclude the child as a driver on your vehicles. Again then he or she would never be able to drive your vehicles legally.

Provide Proof of New Residence

Show a utility bill or rent payment receipt to your insurance carrier to provide proof the child no longer lives at your residence. If your teen is out on his or her own at an early age, proof of residency will need to be provided in order for their removal from your car insurance policy.

Hopping on and off Your Policy

It is better to leave the kid on your policy versus hopping on and off time and again. Remember medical coverage can be extended from an auto policy even when a person is a passenger in a vehicle.

Plus, when borrowing other people’s vehicles, it is still best for a kid to be listed as a driver on some car insurance policy. Hoping for automatic coverage without being listed is not a good idea. You and your kid could get caught with some serious out-of-pocket expenses if not insured properly.