How to protect Yourself from Sextortionist

Michael Martinez, 26, is a cyberperv. He was arrested and charged with cyberstalking, child exploitation and sextortion of two women and one girl. The indictment from 10/13 to 8/14 states that he harassed the females with text messages and the Internet. He had nude pictures of them and taunted he’d post them online unless the victims continued to give him more such photos.

Martinez’s electronic belongings were seized; he had numerous pictures of the girl conducting sexually explicit activity.

For all he’s charged with, he faces a minimum sentence of 30-something years to a maximum of life plus 65 years in federal prison.

Specifically, the counts against him are:

  • Three counts of cyberstalking
  • One count of child abuse imagery production
  • One count of child abuse imagery receipt
  • One count of child abuse imagery possession
  • One count of coercion and enticement of the minor to carry out sexual activity

It’s not clear how Martinez originally came in contact with the victims or how he lured them into sending him the first images.

Perhaps he used social engineering to trick the victims into trusting him. This could have led to them revealing personal information—and then eventually, willingly sending him the photos. Of course, once the cyberperv has the nude images in his possession, he has control.

In Martinez’s case, he threatened to distribute the images to friends and family of the victims.

He knew enough about them to know whom their friends and family were. This isn’t always easy to figure out by looking at someone’s Facebook page, since parents and siblings may have different last names, and out of 500 “friends,” you have no idea who the real friends are.

Presumably, Martinez somehow siphoned these details out of the victims while they still trusted him.

Maybe initially, he posed as an underage girl, like cyberperv Brian Caputo, 25, did. He convinced dozens of female minors that he was a minor girl.

Teaching kids NEVER to send nude or racy photos to ANYONE via cyber pathways needs to be required in the school system. If a course called “cybersmarts” were required from grades one through 12, there’d be far fewer sextortion crimes. Caputo had in his possession over 660 sexually explicit images of just one girl alone!

Cyberpervs may also gain control of a female’s webcam with malware to take images or record videos (never undress near your computer unless the webcam is covered). This is not hypothetical; it actually happened; the rat used RAT (remote access Trojan) to gain access and take videos in 2013; one of his victims was Miss Teen USA.

The following tips pertain to preventing being a victim of sextortion, but these tips should be shown to ANY female who uses a computer because anyone who’s old enough to use the Internet is old enough to be warned about cyberpervs.

  • It’s not about considering whom you’re about to share a nude or sexually explicit image of yourself. There should be no consideration—because there should be NO sharing, PERIOD. If you’re an underage girl or woman, why should even another female be in possession of your naked body? Don’t send them PERIOD.
  • Never click links inside e-mails; they can download a virus that enables the hacker to view you through your device’s webcam.
  • Put tape over your webcam.
  • How easy is it for you to claim you’re some hot celebrity? As easy as how well your fingers can hit the keyboard. Well, that’s how easy it is for some pervert to claim he’s your favorite recording artist or dream date.
  • If you’re being harassed by a cyberperv, immediately tell a trusted adult or the authorities.
  • Never believe the maggot if he says he’ll delete his images of you if you do what he says. Yeah, right.
  • All of your devices should have security software that’s always being updated.