How to Promote Your Business Brand with Webinars

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Webinars are the ultimate sales and marketing tool for savvy entrepreneurs because they allow you to extend your reach globally like no other method via the Internet. Whether you connect with a handful of people or thousands of eager attendees, they give you a chance to promote your personal and corporate brand efficiently and at low cost.

It’s important to host successful webinars for obvious financial reasons.

Presumably, you want to maximize the sales of your latest offerings. Nothing wrong with that, but there are also long-term reasons for choosing this marketing technique. Namely, the ability to promote your overall business on more than one occasion.

Take advantage of different parts of the webinar process to work your promotional magic. It all starts with the initial webinar registration sign-up. When people sign up for your webinar, their contact information should go to a dedicated email autoresponder service that updates them about the time, date, topic and other details.

However, you should also take the opportunity to invite them to join your main subscriber list. The ability to build your email list may, in fact, be the best reason to create webinars. Products and services, even the successful ones, are here today gone tomorrow. However, a contact list is pure gold, something that you can nurture and earn income with forever.

Plus you have the benefit of pre-qualified “warm” people for your main lists…

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Brand Awareness

Sometimes webinar partners have an arrangement whereby only the hosting party – not the speaker or guest – keep the contact list generated by the pre-promotion. On the surface, sounds kind of crummy.

Yet, the opportunity to speak online to hundreds or thousands of people can no be dismissed. With a great performance, you will build a good reputation for yourself and the company you represent.

For live webinars, you'll want to use a webinar solution like GoToWebinar or WebinarJam Studio.

Reaching Out to a New Audience

Even though your niche may be very specialized, you may get sign-ups who are not necessarily your best subscriber or customer.  This is where your promotional skills can prove invaluable. Promoting your webinar on social media is a great way to find and reach a new audience. Often times, new audiences end up being the most responsive because you’re offering great information and new perspectives that add to their understanding of business and marketing.

Use Your Webinar to Tell Your Story

A sixty or ninety-minute webinar can get pretty dry if all you talk about is the product on sale and information around the offer.  Your audience will get restless and likely tune out if they feel you are only looking to make money off them.  Take the opportunity to talk about your business:

  • When did you start the business?
  • Why did you start the business?
  • Details about your progress to date (e.g. revenue, sales, profitability, number of employees, etc.).

    Introduce your business, ideally at the beginning of your presentation and a little bit throughout the webinar. Recounting stories about your business struggles are always compelling to an audience that is perhaps in your position and can relate to life’s various challenges. It also serves to humanize you and frame you as a sympathetic figure.

    Making Yourself Known to Industry Decision Makers

    Discreetly promote yourself while gaining valuable experience with webinar presentations and improve your conversion rates. You are bound to be noticed by the “heavy hitters” in your niche. It’s not uncommon for established marketers to contact rising stars out of the blue to propose joint ventures (JVs), networking opportunities, or offers to promote on each other’s lists.

    Naturally, these leading businessmen may want to do a webinar with you.

    This can increase your profile tenfold in a matter of days, and introduce you to thousands of people looking for what you have to offer. Doing a bang-up job with that first decision maker will inevitably lead to more webinars with other major players.

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