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Instructions for Using's Resume Posting Service

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When you're looking for a job, having a copy of your resume online and ready to apply can save job searching time.'s resume service enables job seekers to upload an existing resume or create a new resume using the resume building tool.

Indeed Online Resumes

Creating and posting a resume on allows you to more easily apply for jobs, and can also increase your visibility to potential employers.

On Indeed Resume, job seekers can create an online resume from scratch or upload an existing resume in any of dozens of common formats including Word, PDF, RTF, TXT, and HTML. You'll need to register to create an account, or you can log in with your Facebook account.

Instructions for Posting a Resume on

Once you have posted your resume to Indeed it can be viewed, edited, downloaded as a PDF, shared with employers and used to apply for jobs.

How to Upload Your Resume

First, you need to sign in to or create an account if you're not already registered. Indeed recommends uploading the following file formats: Word (.doc or docx), PDF (created from a text file, not a scanned image), RTF and TXT. Have your resume file saved in one of these file formats ready to upload on your computer. You'll be able to edit it online once you have posted it.

You'll need to register to create an account, or you can login with your Facebook account.

Register or Sign In to Indeed
Click Upload Resume
Select your resume file on your computer
Your resume will be uploaded and converted to an Indeed Resume
Click Edit to make changes to your resume
Click start from scratch to upload a different document

How to Create a New Resume on Indeed

You can also start from scratch and create a new resume directly on Indeed.

Register or Sign In to Indeed Click Start

Have your contact information, work history and education ready to enter in the following sections:

  • Profile
  • Work
  • Education

Click Preview to view what the final copy of your resume will look like when employers view it.

Personalize Your Resume URL

Once you have uploaded your resume you will get a personalized resume URL like Your resume can be shared with anyone via a public URL or hidden for private use. Keeping your resume hidden is a good idea if you are currently employed and you don't want to advertise the fact that you are job searching.

If you're unemployed or otherwise want to advertise your job search and you make your resume public, visitors to your public resume page can download the resume as a PDF or email you through a secure contact form.

Clicking on Personalize your resume link gives you the option to change it to a shorter URL that includes your name. For example:


Public or Private?

Once your resume is on Indeed Resume, it can be shared via a public URL or hidden for private use.

There are benefits to both options. The privacy settings for your resume are important. If you're employed, you may not want your boss to be able to find it online. If you're unemployed, you will want hiring managers to be able to find it. Here are the options:

Public - Your resume is visible to anyone, but your phone number and email address are only provided to employers when you apply for jobs. You are the only person who can view your street address.

Private - Your resume is not visible to anyone other than yourself and the people you share it with. It cannot be found when employers search for resumes on indeed.

How to Edit Your Resume

When you're signed into Indeed, you can edit your resume by clicking the Resume button under your email address on the top right side of the screen. You can update your existing resume or create a new resume directly online.

Sharing Your Resume

Once your resume is online, it can be shared via the public URL you set when you created it. When your resume is set as public anyone can view it. Visitors to a public resume page can forward, save or download the resume as a PDF or email you through a secure contact form.

How to Delete your Resume

If you don't want your resume online any longer or if you want to start with a new document, click on Delete your resume and it will be removed from the system. If this is the only version of your most current resume, be sure to download it before you delete it so you have a copy.

Apply for Jobs on Indeed

Indeed Resume enables 1-click apply to select jobs on, and offers job seekers privacy protection. Initial contact with an employer is brokered by Indeed and personal contact information (phone number, email, and address) remains private until you opt to share it.

Review these tips for using to job search.

How Employers Can Find You

Employers looking for job candidates can search through public resumes by job title, skill, or company name. They can then download a resume as a PDF or email the job seeker through a secure contact form. users can also forward resumes to colleagues or other contacts who might be interested in a particular user’s resume.

You can also choose to promote your resume on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. If you are comfortable making your job search public, this is a great way to increase the visibility of your resume, and use your social network to promote your job search.

Indeed Resume for Employers

For employers and recruiters, Indeed Resume provides instant access to resumes from millions of qualified candidates. Indeed Resume is available at

Indeed Resume, unlike subscription-based resume databases, is an open search engine. Searching for resumes is free and unrestricted and does not require an account.

Employers can search by keyword and location to get a list of resumes that meet the search criteria. When the list is generated, you can review it and highlight the candidate you are interested in. You'll see a preview of the resume. Click to view the full resume. Then you'll have the option to download the resume and/or contact the job seeker.

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