How to Send Payments to the IRS

7 Ways to Send Money to the Internal Revenue Service

Need to send money to the Internal Revenue Service to pay a balance due on your tax return? Here are the various ways you can pay the IRS.

Pay Online from Your Bank Account using DirectPay

Internal Revenue Service building
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Set up an electronic funds transfer from a checking or savings account through the DirectPay service on the Web site. The IRS does not charge a processing fee. You can schedule payments up to 30 days in advance. DirectPay only handles payments related to Form 1040, such as balance due payments, estimated payments, and extension payments. Be sure to keep your payment confirmation for your records. More

Pay Online From Your Bank Account using

EFTPS is a free online tax payment service from the US Treasury Department.
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After registering at, you can schedule payments up to 365 days in advance for any tax due to the IRS. EFTPS is a good choice, for example, if you want to schedule all your estimated tax payments at the same time. is operated by the Treasury Department and does not charge any processing fees. EFTPS can handle any type of federal tax payment, including 1040 balance due payments, extension payments, payroll taxes, and corporate taxes. More

Pay Online by Debit or Credit Card using a Third Party Payment Processor

Pay by debit card or by credit card.
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You can pay by card using one the payment processors approved by the IRS. They all charge convenience fees. And the credit card company might charge interest as well. So be aware of how much the convenience fees and credit card interest will be. One of my good friends happily pays by debit card, rather than mailing a check, just so the IRS won't know his bank account number. More

Mail a check or money order along with Form 1040-V to the IRS

Writing out a check for payment.
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Make the check payable to the United States Treasury, and write your Social Security number, tax form, and tax year written in the memo field. Send this along with Form 1040-V, which is a payment voucher, but don't staple or paperclip the check to the voucher. Mail it to the appropriate address shown on page two of the Form 1040-V (pdf). More

Pay in person at a local Taxpayer Assistance Center

Pay in person by cash, check or money order.
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You can pay by cash, check or money order at a local IRS office. No appointment is necessary. More

Set up an Electronic Funds Withdrawal in Your Tax Software

Pay by electronic funds withdrawal using tax preparation software.
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Tax preparation software -- both consumer and professional grade -- can set up a direct debit from a checking account. Check with your software or tax preparer for details. More

Need Same-Day Service? Ask Your Bank about Wire Service

Pay by wire transfer. Talk to your bank about this.
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Banks can set up a same-day wire transfer to pay the IRS. More