How To Organize Your Sweepstakes Entries

Don't Miss a Chance to Win with this Easy Sweepstakes Strategy

Keep Up with Sweepstakes Entries and Win More Prizes
Keep Up with Sweepstakes Entries and Win More Prizes. Emmanuel Faure / Getty Images

Never Miss a Prize with this Simple Sweepstakes Strategy

Do you ever feel yourself falling behind with your sweepstakes entries? Do you frequently miss entering sweepstakes with prizes you'd love to win? This simple strategy helps you to stay up-to-date with all of the available sweepstakes to enter.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: It takes between half an hour and an hour a day to keep up with sweepstakes entries.

Here's How:

  1. Enter the One-Time Sweepstakes

    Start out by combing through the One Entry Sweepstakes list. Work your way through from beginning to end, to make sure you enter the sweepstakes that are expiring first. Enter any sweepstakes with prizes you want to win, and which you are eligible to enter.
  2. Enter Daily Sweepstakes

    Once you've gone through the one-entry sweepstakes, visit the Daily Sweepstakes list and pick out the sweepstakes that appeal to you the most. Come back to this list every day and enter those sweepstakes. This is something you can do first thing in the morning, while drinking your morning coffee, or in the evening while unwinding from a long day or while watching television.
  3. Check the New Sweepstakes List

    After you've entered your dailies, check the New Sweepstakes List to see if there are any new one-entry sweepstakes you'd like to win.
  4. Set Aside a Time for Weekly and Monthly Sweepstakes

    Personally, I like to enter my Weekly Sweepstakes on Mondays and my Monthly Sweepstakes at the beginning of the month. It doesn't really matter when you enter, though, as long as you do it regularly.


    1. Make sure you've downloaded Roboform.
    2. Cut down on your entry time with my tips for Faster Sweepstakes Entry
    3. Use Diigo to help track the sweepstakes you've entered.

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