How to Market Your Real Estate Business on the Internet

5 Simple Ways to Market Real Estate on the Internet

How to Market Real Estate Online
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Many people regard marketing real estate on the internet as indistinguishable from marketing in any other niche. After all, isn't it always about getting website traffic, having good sales copy and converting prospects into customers?

Certainly, the fundamentals of online marketing apply across industries, categories, and niches. At a high level, all online entrepreneurs must acquire sufficient expertise in marketing basics or find experts to get the job done.

However, when it comes to marketing your real estate business there are some things that you'll want to focus on more than others; due to the personalized nature, high-ticket transaction, and length of the sales cycle.

Considering that purchasing a house will be one of the biggest purchases they'll make in their entire life, a good website and online strategy will go a long way to having them select your as their agent.

Not all real estate agents are good at internet marketing (hard to believe, but it's a fact). However, nothing stops them from using a few tidbits of advice to improve their online persona, brand, and effectiveness.

Let's take a look at 5 ways you can market your real estate business on the internet.

1. Break Away from Generic Websites

If you are part of a well-known state-level, national or international real estate company, chances are that your web page is indistinguishable from those of your colleagues.

Don't dump your company page, but consider building your own real estate website where you have absolute control of your professional branding and create something that is unique and stands out from the rest of the crowd.

With all the different tools and technology available today there are not shortages of cost effective ways you can build your own online presence, using tools like or WordPress -- two of the most popular options.

2. Write on Different Topics to Show Depth

Households these days are bombarded with e-mail newsletters from larger companies that are very generic and focused solely on the company.

Of course you want to keep people up to date with things related to the local real estate market, houses sold and for sale, and market trends.

However something else you can do to stand out is to share personal information about yourself; put some personality into your marketing. You've probably heard the saying that people do business with people that they "know, like, and trust" -- putting a personal side into your marketing can help develop that relationship with your prospects.

Consider revealing some aspects of your personal life (e.g. hobbies) to humanize yourself. Write about some of your passions (other than real estate) to increase your appeal to readers. Based on your feedback, you'll learn the best way to attract subscribers and build relationships.

3. Offer Your Knowledge as a Guest Expert

You aren't the only real estate professional looking for valuable content to impress prospects and grow property lists. Many of your colleagues – including the highest ranked performers – are desperate for rich content.

Why not shadow popular websites in your niche, then introduce yourself to the owner? “Content for link” deals are commonplace in the industry because they are sincere “WIN-WIN” propositions.

Another huge opportunity is to find other businesses in your market and offer to do guest posts on their website, offer free appraisals for their customers, or any other way you can joint venture and offer value.

Hone in on your own online marketing skills, share those skills with people who aren't direct competitors in your area and you'll have plenty of opportunities to create marketing partnerships with other businesses in your area.

4. Master the Referral Game in Your Market

Speaking of partnering up with other businesses in your area, what about becoming a "connector" for other businesses in your area.

Connecting people who need help to those with the skills to help others can be magical for your real estate career. It can be basic work like housekeeping, babysitting, landscaping or lawn mowing. In this scenario, you always earn social capital from two sides with the potential multipliers. Both parties will remember you, and the more people you help in this manner, the more likely that some of them will turn to you for their future housing needs.

You may even consider creating a local "MeetUp" group to create new business networking opportunities not just for you, but for others in your area. As the organizer or facilitator of this group you'll have a lot of social capital and be the go-to person your peers refer when it comes to real estate.

5. Keep up with Local News, Write Reviews

Staying on top of community (local) developments, whether they be of an economic, social or cultural nature will help maintain your expert position. Seek out the best blogs and online media journalists. You can then use your local neighborhood knowledge to answer questions in forums and write insightful reviews on local institutions (e.g. restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.).

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Earning the trust and respect of home buyers and sellers requires a special touch. Sticking to a more technical sales script may still work in some circumstances, but today's marketing world – especially the online world – is relationship-oriented. The key to success is good follow up marketing. That's what makes real estate internet marketing a healthy challenge for professionals. A challenge worth pursuing. 

Focus on creating value, putting personality into your marketing, and being a key center of influence in your local business community and you'll be sure to see an increase in the number of prospects and ultimately sales you make in your real estate business.