How to Market Listings - Top 5 Tips

The vast majority of real property transfers in this country are a result of their listing in a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the cooperation of agent and broker members of that MLS.

Talk about your listings.

Talk about listings.
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At that next Board luncheon, you're talking to your peers about your day, your latest client horror story, etc. Ask about the buyers they're working with. If one of their buyers sounds like a fit for one of your listings, tell them about it. Don't be shy, as they may have been busy and missed it.

Too many busy agents just don't check the daily new listings.  Many MLS systems also allow setting up a buyer profile to alert about matching new listings, but many do not use this either. 

Special Agent-Oriented Flyers

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That beautiful brochure you produce on each listing for the public will work for this, but consider a slightly different approach for agents. Modify that consumer brochure a bit to include information that will help other agents to show your listing. This might include information that would help the broker to prepare their clients for things like a cluttered tenant living space. There are a number of things you might tell another agent that can help them that you wouldn't put in a marketing brochure.

Get this brochure out to all the agents that are effective buyer representatives in your MLS.

Email - But Only with Courtesy

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You'll get vehement arguments from agents about whether they want to receive those highly graphic new listing emails. They can be effective, but the best practice would be to send a regular email to your list and ask them first. No response or a negative response should be your clue to remove them from the list.

Emailing random buyer prospects with new listing info is not a good idea.  But, if you have a buyer prospect and a new listing that definitely fits what they're looking for, then you should let them know.    

Tours and Open Houses for Agents

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Always place your listings on the agent tours. You might want to do a special open house for agents, perhaps with refreshments. Almost every experienced agent or broker will tell you that they have had listings sell faster because an agent fell in love with the property and showed it extensively.

Online Listing Marketing

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These days it's all about the Internet, and you really need a website presence, preferably your own site.  At the least, have your listings on your brokerage website.  Then syndicate them across the major real estate sites for more exposure.

Then go to the social sites and do posts about every new listing and link back to it on your site and/or the MLS IDX listing.  You can also if your budget permits, buy ads on Facebook and other sites to promote a listing or the place on your site to see all of your listings.