How to Make Your Credit Card Payment At the Last Minute

When it’s 4 o’clock in the evening and you just realize your credit card payment is due, you’ll have to scramble to make it soon if you want to avoid a late payment. Late fees can be up to $25 for the first offense and up to $35 if you’ve been late in the previous month. And if you’re severely past due, say you missed last month’s payment, too, there may be damage to your credit score, too. Waiting so late limits your payment options, but you may be able to slide your payment in before the due date – and due time – passes.

Mailing your payment isn’t an option if you need to make a last minute credit card payment. At this late date and time, your mailed payment will be late by the time it reaches your credit card issuer. Don’t even bother dropping a check in the mail.

You can typically make an online payment that will be posted to your account in time to make your payment due date. Be aware that if your due date is today, you’ll also need to be aware of the time your payment must be made to be considered on time. By law, due times must be at least 5 p.m., but some credit card issuers accept payments later than that, sometimes up to midnight. Log on to your online account to confirm the time your payment must be made. Pay close attention to the time zone of the payment due time.

You can also make a payment by phone to have it posted to your account on the due date. Occasionally, you may have to speak to a customer service representative for an expedited payment.

You may face a fee for this service. The fee for an expedited payment is often less than a late fee and it keeps your account history clear.

In the future make or schedule your payment in advance of the due date so you can avoid the stress of trying to get your payment made by the due time.