How To Make Money Online: Mark Anastasi Explains

Learn How to Get Started in Online Business

Money is moved from interactive table to i pad.
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Mark Anastasi is the author of The Laptop Millionaire and is an online business expert. Learn how Mark went from homeless to being a millionaire.

Bryan: For the majority of authors, writing can hardly even pay the bills. The question must be asked: If you are making millions as noted in the book, why spend five months writing a book, rather than invest that time in your business?

Mark Anastasi: Well, I definitely did not write this book to make money.

Taking time off to write this book has probably cost my business in excess of $500,000 in lost revenue.

But I’m on a mission. I felt that it was time for more people to find out about these 8 years of research I’ve done, hundreds of success stories and case studies from my students, and incredible money-making ideas that can help regular folks do better financially.

I’ve enjoyed taking care of my 12,000 students around the world since 2004, but now more people must discover that they too can become laptop entrepreneurs. You can start your very own business, from home, for as little as $400 to $1,000. Why not give it a shot?!

Bryan: Where do suggest that readers get started? Is there a favorite among these 32 ways that is great for beginners?

Mark Anastasi: Different strategies will appeal to different people. The important thing is to really educate yourself about marketing and business.

The first step I always tell my coaching clients to follow is to decide what group of people they want to help, add value to, and provide solutions for.

Once you know that, you can apply each one of these 32 strategies to great effect.

Having said all that, the fastest way I’ve seen my students make money is thanks to Twitter or Facebook. Some of my students arrive at a seminar on Friday morning, completely unaware about the Internet and with no technical computer skills whatsoever, and yet they’re making money online by Saturday evening!

A lot start making money within 3-4 days after the seminar. (Twitter has more than 200 million users, who tell you what they’re interested in and what is going on in their lives!)

It won’t make you a fortune, but so many people are now making an extra $500 to $1,000 a month thanks to Twitter. Facebook as well, YouTube too, and right now Pinterest is taking off, with some people claiming it is ten times easier to get traffic than other social media networks.

Bryan: How much tech experience is required to get started?

Mark Anastasi: None whatsoever, other than basic knowledge of a computer and of the Internet. But the key thing is to have a good mentor to guide you.

Bryan: What role did the mentoring / seminars you received play in your success?

Mark Anastasi: I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and advice of my business mentors.

I have spent close to $100,000 on my continuing education, attending business and marketing seminars around the world, as well as hiring coaches and mentors.

You build a successful Internet business by gaining skills such as management, budgeting, marketing, presenting, traffic generation, selling, and copywriting.

Bryan: Can readers really make a success of their online business without extra coaching or DVDs?

Mark Anastasi: If you have experience in running a business, absolutely. But if you are a complete beginner, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you attend seminars and find a good mentor to guide you through the initial first steps of starting an Internet business.

Bryan: Is there a place that readers can meet to share ideas and tips?

Mark Anastasi: Apart from posting comments on my blog, my subscribers often interact during my live webinars, where they ask questions and the rest of the attendees and myself answer them.

I also run seminars regularly, and my clients meet and share ideas and tips there. Occasionally I run ‘Mastermind’ events for my coaching clients, on Greek islands or in the ski resort of Val d’Isere in France for example.