How to Make Money Online

A Passive Income Is Truly Alluring

How to Make Money Online
How to Make Money Online.

If you want to learn how to make passive income, or earn money while you sleep? This book claims to help you do that. Author Mike Omar explains how $5000 can be generated every month by building passive income websites. He shows through a step-by-step process how 10 such websites making $500 each per month, could start off a passive income trajectory for you. The book is a guide to making money from home by making use of the ongoing ecommerce boom.

Like many other books in this genre, most readers will not end up making any money, some will spend more than they earn. But there will be some who could strike gold.


The author meticulously explains the simplest and most common ways to make passive money online. The book contains steps to be followed in order to make a website or blog, the procedure of buying a domain or hosting and process of installing WordPress. The author gives a 6-step guide to making passive money online. He guides readers on first choosing the 10 websites using keyword research. Frankly, method has been around for a long time, and no longer seems to work.

Once the websites have been planned, Omar shows how the analysis of the competition can be done with PageRank using Open Site Explorer or Market Samurai. He patiently imparts his knowledge on how these websites can be structured using keyword lists and search engine optimization, which will help in bringing traffic.

Chapter 4 is very important as it teaches readers on how to monetize the websites using Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. The last two chapters concentrate on setting up a link building campaign and finally, on increasing traffic and revenues.


Mike Omar takes keen interest in helping set up small businesses and helping them spread their wings.

He owns a website that helps people make money from home, and has also been a business consultant.


The author attempts to teach readers how to run websites and blogs in a concise and direct manner. The video links included in the book can be helpful for most readers. The instructions are simple and almost like a dummy’s guide to setting up websites and blogs. The book puts the reader at ease as the author’s instructions are detailed. With a small budget, a beginner too will be able to use and follow his steps in order to set up their own website and earn passive income. The various resource links included in the book for reference are especially useful. This gives a reading list to readers for additional information, a and better understanding of the subject. The book raises the curtain on how bloggers and small website owners have been making money. The monetization tips based on SEO, social media and Google Adsense are particularly enlightening. It is a practical guide that demystifies several aspects of setting up and running blogs and websites.


The title of the book titillates, however, how much money you actually make can never be guaranteed. It depends on the content and services that the websites provide.

Also, the number of ads within the book and the author’s promotion of his own website are jarring. I don't like to pay money to read other people promote themselves.


This book offers an alternative for prospective single-person ecommerce ventures. But I am not impressed by what it achieves. Updated versions of this information are easily available online, free of charge.

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