How To Look Younger

Looking Younger Can Improve Your Earning Power

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Nowadays, both men and women want to figure out how to look younger. It not only makes you feel good; it makes good career sense too. Creating a youthful look can be a critical component of finding new pursuits in the workplace. Companies want and need your experience; they also want to know you’re in touch with the times.

How To Look Younger To Improve Career Options

Every day there are older career seekers who beat out the younger competition and land fabulous jobs.

The difference: these older go-getters think - and look - youthful.

Notice I didn’t say they look young, rather they look youthful. Youthful as in up-to-date, yet age appropriate. Keeping an aura of youth about you can add years to your career, and thousands upon thousands of dollars to your income.

Looking youthful doesn’t have to mean drastic measures like cosmetic surgery. Small changes make a big impact. Browse the list below for some tips that may make you feel good, and improve your odds for landing that ideal job you’ve been dreaming of.

Youthful Look Tips - For Men And Women

Upgrade your wardrobe. From shoes, to shirts to the right pair of glasses, nothing dates you more than an out-of-date wardrobe. If you need help, consider using an image consultant, or visit a good department store and ask them if they offer image consulting services.​

Spend the money on a good hairstylist who can provide a modern, but not too trendy, hairstyle.

You want to look sharp, but not appear as if you’re trying to fit in at the college bars.​

Pay attention to your teeth. At a minimum, whiten them. If necessary, consider veneers. A great smile and good teeth can take 10 years off your look, as well as help you appear credible and more trustworthy; important when you’re looking for a new career.

Don't think teeth matter? Check out:

Get fit. Fit is in. It’s sexy. It gives off an air of confidence and strength. The time you spend working out will pay off in both your professional and your personal life. Don't think fitness can boost your income? Read:

Splurge on your skin. From face peels to photo light treatments that reduce age spots and wrinkles, there are plenty of treatments that can help your skin regain a more youthful appearance.

And a special note on Botox type treatments: one friend of mine was told by her manager that she always looked angry and so her colleagues were not reacting well to her. She started using Botox to treat the deep furrow between her eyebrows; the angry look instantly disappeared. That simple step changed the way she was perceived, and thus her level of success at work. Ready to take the frown off your face? Check out:

Don’t forget about the details: unkempt eyebrows, chest hair erupting out your collar, the wrong pair of eyeglasses, a worn out belt, or unkempt fingernails can all hinder your youthful, on-the-ball look. Take a long, objective look in the mirror - or ask a friend to assess your look for you.

Then take steps to make sure the details, and your overall look, communicate the youthful, observant appearance that will help you take your career to the next level.

Tips Just For Women

  • In addition to all the same suggestions above, every women over 40 should read How Not to Look Old by Charla Krupp. This book will give you fabulous tips on how to look younger by creating a youthful, yet age appropriate look.