How to Promote Your Nonprofit to the World

How to Put Your Cause on the Map

Promoting a nonprofit is similar to promoting any business, but somehow it feels a whole lot better. Do it well, do it professionally, and the public and media will love you.

We've divided promotion into five categories ranging from marketing to branding to online promotion. Browse the links for ideas that will help you right now, whether you are just starting out or are a pro.

Don't be introverted when telling the world about your cause. It's a crowded world out there, go ahead and shout about what your charity does and what it needs.

The Many Faces of Marketing

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So, why are there so many types of non-profit marketing? 

There are cause marketing, social change marketing, online marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. They are all similar, so internalize a few basic principles and go to work.

Make a Mark through Branding

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If you thought branding was only for businesses, think again. Some of the great, iconic brands of our lifetimes have been non-profit brands. Think of the American Red Cross, the March of Dimes, the Salvation Army.

You can build a brand as well. Just start with the essence of your mission and organizational culture.

Get Online or Get Left Behind

Website Design for Nonprofit
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There are more ways to promote your nonprofit online than just sending some emails. Learn how to make your website dynamic, how to tap the power of social media, and how people of all ages are changing the ways they interact with and donate to their causes.

Media Relations Still Matter

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Good media relations are at the heart of any effective promotional effort. Learn how to use those media contacts to your benefit, whether you are promoting the annual fundraising event or defending your organization in a crisis.

Fundraising and Marketing Go Together

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Your organization's fundraising efforts need to be promoted, just as much as the good deeds that it does. In fact, fundraising, public relations, and marketing all work together.