How to Launch Your Own Facebook Company Page

Facebook company page
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Do you need a Facebook page for your business?

Chances are that you have already embarked on some type of social media campaign – even an informal one - to achieve business goals. You already have a personal profile, but isn't it time to take a more serious look at the world's largest social networking site?

Does the technology scare you off? Well it shouldn't, because peers, friends, fellow entrepreneurs and even that fast-talking teenager down the street can set up your Facebook company page in five (5) minutes or less.

Too busy? Sure, I get it that you may be focusing on other aspects of business: accounting, inventory, cash flow, etc. However, Facebook business marketing done well is increasing recognized as a lead generator, traffic generator and sales originator.

Let's look at five reasons why a Facebook company page is such a valuable online tool:

1. It's not a Numbers Game, except...

Like it or not, Facebook is big, really big! As the largest social networking website in the world, Facebook has long been used to get the latest news, post photos and memes, and see what friends are saying. However, people are also turning to Facebook to research new products or businesses.

This means that this is a space that you cannot afford to ignore anymore. Unless, of course, you want to ignore potential customers.

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2. Improved Searchability for Other Websites

After accessing the “Choose a category” to properly position your business, use the following options to help targeted audience find your company via search when clicking 'Get Started':

  1. About: Add categories, a description and a website or any other important links to improve your Page rankings.
  2. Profile Picture: Good place for your company logo to assist in branding.
  3. Company Page Description: A few lines about your business will further help to place you in the right (targeted) search results. 
  1. Preferred Page Audience: Describe your ideal prospect by zeroing in on the most appropriate demographic criteria for your business.

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3. Building a Precise Business Audience

By separating your company page from your personal pages (or other company pages), you can better tailor your images, posts, and updates to attract a hungry market for your goods and services.

Sharing real content with fans can motivate you to new heights and add a new wrinkle to your customer service mix. Customer feedback will sharpen your online marketing approach and adjust various strategies to better satisfy their needs and wants.

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4. Exploit Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is an analytical tool that let you track page performance and the number of active users. It's relatively easy to use, and graphically shows you vital data like:

  • Total number of likes.
  • Number of friends of fans (potential number of people you can reach).
  • Number of people actively talking about your page.
  • Your total weekly reach.

Correlating your Facebook company page statistics with analytics from other sources can either justify your current course, or help you change course for the better.

These are insights based on real evidence, not guesswork.

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5. Better Access to Facebook Advertising Opportunities

If you create your own Facebook company page, you have stronger advertising options for reaching more of your fans than with a Personal Profile. For example, reaching fans and friends of your fans with Promoted Posts.

Create ads that target people with relevant interests, attract new fans and repeat customers. You can do so on a strict budget, because of Insights analytics (see above) and by tweaking your messages.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Company Pages

Facebook marketing is too lucrative to ignore. Even if you only want to concentrate on the U.S. market, you have 156 million pairs of eyeballs potentially ready to give your product or service a serious look.

Put up your company page today!

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