How to Keep Pinterest Professional

How to Keep Pinterest Professional

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When you're job searching, there's a good chance that what you post online will be scrutinized by prospective employers. Pinterest is no different than Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter or your own blog or website, when it comes to getting checked out. If you put it online, someone involved in hiring you or helping you get a job will probably see it.

That's why it's important to be careful what you post online and, on the flip side, to use what you do post online to your advantage. Use your social media sites to showcase your skills and accomplishments, so you are making a good impression rather than leaving somone wondering if they should hire you - or not.

Here are tips on how to keep Pinterest professional from Tamryn Hennessy, National Director of Career Development at Rasmussen College.

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Pinterest Professional

Diversify Your Boards. In Pinterest, make sure that you have a variety of boards that display your interests and also highlights past accomplishments.

Post your Resume. Create a job search pin board and post your resume and other visual elements associated with your career. Invite others to share it.

Audit Photos and Comments. Make sure the information you are commenting on or providing to blog posts and/or "repins" are appropriate.

Have a Presence. Not using or being in tune to new social media outlets can be almost as harmful as posting negative information. It is important to have a professional social presence in today's work environment.

Check Your Security. Make sure your own accounts are secure so that hackers will not use them to post unpleasant information.

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