How to Incorporate in Michigan

Incorporate in Michigan - A Step-by-Step Guide

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Incorporating in Michigan begins with submitting articles of incorporation to the state. Certain information must be included in your articles of incorporation, and Michigan charges an incorporation fee. 

Information Necessary to Incorporate in Michigan 

Articles of incorporation for profit corporations must include the following information in Michigan:

  • The name and address of the person filing the document
  • The name of the corporation
  • The corporation's principal office address. This is where your executive offices are located, not necessarily where you do business if you have separate locations.
  • A brief description of the corporation's purpose
  • The number of shares of stock you intend to issue, if any, as well as the classes of stock
  • The name of the corporation's registered agent and the street address of the registered office of the corporation. This where your corporation can receive official notices, such as service of process of a lawsuit. Your registered agent is the person responsible for sending and receiving corporate documents and correspondence on behalf of the corporation. .
  • The name and complete address, including city, state and zip code, of each incorporator of the corporation. An incorporator is the individual or individuals who are filing the articles of incorporation and any other required official documents. His duties are done when incorporation is completed. 

    The Incorporation Process 

    Go to Michigan's online "One Stop" system for to guidance to the links you'll need to incorporate your business. This is a change effective January 11, 2016 -- this site used to be a direct link to Michigan Treasury Online, but now you'll have to hunt a bit on the page for the exact service and instructions you need.


    You can also fill in and print out an articles of incorporation form. Send it to:

    Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Corporations, Securities and Licensing Bureau, Corporations Division, P.O. Box 30054, Lansing, MI 48909. 

    If you prefer to submit your articles of incorporation in person, go to 2501 Woodlake Circle in Okemos, Michigan.

    Call 517-241-6470 if you have questions and can't find the answers online.

    Incorporation Fees

    Michigan charges a filing fee for articles of corporation that depends on the number of shares of stock you'll issue. The fee for up to 60,000 shares is $50 as of 2016, up to $500 for 10 million shares, plus an additional $1,000 for shares in excess of 10 million, in 10-million increments. There's an additional $10 nonrefundable processing fee. 

    For more information on incorporating in Michigan and other corporate actions, visit the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth, Corporations Division website.

    Other Information 

    This information is unique to incorporating in Michigan. Some states require several incorporation forms depending on the type of corporation you want to form. Carefully read your state's website if you want to incorporate elsewhere, before you submit documents or fees.

    Your best source is most likely your state's Secretary of State website, or consult with a local legal professional. 


    Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended to be, nor should it be relied upon, as legal advice. The author makes no claims about the completeness or accuracy of this information; states change regulations, fees and names of documents periodically and this article may not have the most up-to-date information. Your situation may be more complex and require additional information for your state.