How to Improve Sales

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If you could improve sales for a business, you will never be without a job. Improve sales for yourself and you will be rewarded with an ever increasing income. Most every sales professional is interested in ways to improving sales and has tried many different tips, tricks, ideas and strategies to do so. They've attended seminars, took classes, read books, listened to audio recordings and hired business coaches.

And while no one can (or should) claim to have the definitive answers to how to improve sales, there are some tried and true steps that have yielded positive results for millions of successful sales professionals.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 8 hours each work day

Here's How:

  1. Check Your Attitude

    Sales is about the transference of emotion. If you have positive emotions about what you are selling, that emotion will be transferred to your customers through your words, actions and general attitude. If, however, you are discouraged with your product, company, compensation, the economy or any other thing, that negative emotion will be transferred to your customers. And this transference is not something you want to happen.

  2. Know Your Outcome

    Inspirations speaker Anthony Robbins teaches a simple success formula that can be used for much more than just sales. It begins by knowing what it is that you want to achieve. In other words, what is your desired outcome? If you want to improve sales, decide exactly what it means to improve sales. By how much do you want to improve sales? If you increase sales by 1%, is that enough, or would any improvement less than 50% be a failure?

    Fuzzy desires yield fuzzy results. The more clear you are about what you want, the more you can focus to those goals and the more you will be focused to reaching those goals.

  1. Take a Gut Check

    The dictionary is the only place where "Success" comes before "Hard-Work." While people in sales can and do get lucky and walk into huge sales and into huge paychecks, most of those who are successful long-term in sales are successful because they earned success.

    Just because you can say that you are willing to do what it takes to improve sales doesn't mean that you will do what it takes. If you honestly realize that your commitment to the daily grind is lacking, you either need to lower your personal expectations, get out of sales or make a conscious decision to step up your game.

  1. Try a Career in Modeling

    Success leaves a trail behind it that can be followed. The trail of success is formed by successful people and you have the ability to follow in their footsteps. It's called "modeling," and is the process of learning what a successful person did to become successful and doing what they did.

    Modeling is a shortcut to success as the person who you are modeling your actions after already made the mistakes and discovered the corrective actions. It's akin to getting a college education from a graduate who tells you all the important things they learned.

    It's best to find someone to model with whom you can develop a friendship since the more you can be around your model, the more opportunity you will have to learn from them.

  2. Exercise Daily

    Richard Branson, ​ the billionaire owner of Virgin Records, was once asked what the secret to success was. After a short pause, he responded "exercise every day." Why would exercise lead to improved sales?

    The benefits of daily exercise extend well behind the known and expected health benefits. Exercise is known to improve brain function, allowing you to think more clearly when in front of a customer. Exercise gives you more energy so you can keep prospecting when your competitors have called it a day. Exercise gives you increased self-confidence which will allow you greater confidence when closing a sale.

    Finally, committing to daily exercise will teach you self-discipline, which by itself can go a very long way in your quest to improve sales.