How To Hire a Freelance Writer

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There are many excellent reasons why agencies, publishers, entrepreneurs, and other types of employers outsource their writing work to get the job done well. Avoid headaches by hiring the right freelance writers the first time. Here's how to do it.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 3 days to 1 week

How to Hire a Freelance Writer

  1. Start with people you know. If you don't know writers, specifically, consider asking your contacts such as communications experts, marketers, or professional groups.
  1. Allow them to convince you. A short letter outlining past experience and projects might enable you to judge how well a writer could synthesize information in short form, whereas a short phone call may help you understand a writer's methods and motivations. Of course, a resume listing past projects is always a popular choice in hiring.
  2. Follow up. If you don't already know your applicants through professional associations or social circles, then it is up to you to follow up. Pick up that magazine article, or contact the client they offer for a reference.
  3. Consider a probationary period. For example, you may set an initial milestone for a larger project, and see if your chosen candidate meets it. This means you will not necessarily be stuck with a bad fit for the entirety of a long project.
  4. Be clear. After you've chosen your writer, the best way to see yourself to the other side of the project is by being clear and direct.

    Tips for Hiring Freelance Writers

    1. Consider advertising on job boards that are directly aimed at writers. Many writers specifically use these sites to find their gigs as opposed to,, etc.
    2. Be realistic in your pay. Few writers will work for less than $20 per hour and most bill above that.

      What You Need to Hire Freelance Writers