How To Get Started With Foursquare

Foursquare How-To Tips for Beginners


How To Get Started With Foursquare

Part of the success of getting involved with Foursquare is that it is simple to use and the more you use it the more you will uncover how to get the most from the service.

  • The Applications

    To get started using Foursquare you will need to install the applicable mobile application on your phone. Foursquare has applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Ovi by Nokia and Palm phones. Additional applications are available from third-party developers. You can also use the web-based mobile log-in if there are no applications available for your phone. You can see all the available apps by visiting the Foursquare App Gallery.

    Once you install the application, open it and you can either "Log In" or "Join Now". If you are new to Foursquare, you will want to tap on "Join Now".

    It will then ask if you would like to use your current location. If you want Foursquare to locate venues that are close to you, select yes. This is the best choice in order to get the most out of what Foursquare offers.

  • Opening a Foursquare Account

    Your next step will be to open a Foursquare account, which you can do by following the promps on your phone or by going to to register. You may be asked for your first and last name, phone number, age, gender, password and email address.

  • Foursquare Settings

    Once you have established your Foursquare account you will want to check your account's settings. Click on the "Settings" link and verify the account information, contact information and privacy settings. This is also where you can link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and add your photo.

  • Foursquare Privacy Settings

    It is important to understand your Privacy settings and make adjustments based on how much information about yourself you wish to have exposed. Remember, you are about to broadcast to the world (based on your privacy settings) where you are, what your habits are, and where you are going.

    To help answers questions about how to set up this area of your account, Foursquare has added a helpful chart explaining each setting and who can see what based on the settings you choose. As you get to know the Foursquare environment, you can always go back and make adjustments.

  • Understanding how privacy works on Foursquare is not hard, but it is something you will want to take the time to read about and understand.

How to Add Friends to Foursquare

Having a good list of friends on your Foursquare account will add to the fun and challenges of having the game.

There are a few choices you have for adding friends to your Foursquare account.

When you want to add friends by using your phone, you can do so by having Foursquare scan your address book to see which of your friends are Foursquare members. You can also add friends from your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

  • To add friends using an IPhone, select the "Me" tab, click on "Friends" then click "Add Friends." You can then select to find friends on your Twitter and Facebook accounts or locate friends by name or phone number.
  • To add friends using a Blackberry, select the "Me" tab, then "Manage Friends" then select which of the options you want for adding friends.
  • To add friends using an Android, select the menu button and then "Preferences." Then tap "Add Friends" and select friends from your address book, Twitter and Facebook, or by name or phone number.
  • To add friends on Foursquare through a computer, go to You can then search for Gmail contacts, Facebook and Twitter friends.

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