How to Get Rid of Junk Mail

Tired of all the junk mail that lands in your mail box? Here’s how to get rid of unwanted catalogs, donation requests, advertisements, credit card offers and more:


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There are two databases that you need to remove your name from to cut down on the number of catalogs entering your home. Here’s how you do that.

Credit Card Offers

Follow the steps outlined here to get rid of all of those pesky credit card offers.

Phone Books

Go to, and enter your zip code in the search box to bring up a list of the phone books that are delivered in your area. Then, submit a request to opt out of any that you don’t want to receive.

Magazine Subscription Offers

Log in to, and select “Magazine Offers” from the menu. You can opt out of all unsolicited magazine offers or choose specific magazines to opt out of.

Note: If a magazine you subscribe to is sending you offers that you don’t want, you’ll have to contact them directly to ask that your name be removed from their mailing list.

Bank and Retail Offers, Donation Requests and Mail Addressed to Current Resident

Gather the offers that you’ve received. Then, go to to opt out of future mailings. You’ll need to enter your name and address as it appears on the envelope. If you’ve received offers under multiple names (including “current resident”), you’ll need to submit a separate request for each one.­

Want to opt out of all mail of this type? You can do that at Just click on “Other Mail Offers” from the menu, and look for the option.

To Stop All Unsolicited Mail

Log into, click on the “Manage My Mail” category, and look for the “Stop All Unsolicited Promotional Mail” link at the top of the page. You’ll still receive mail from companies that you do business with, but this should stop everything else. 

Receiving Junk Mail at Your Place of Employment can help. Just follow the advice outlined here.

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