How to Get Noticed by Your Dream Company

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When employers are receiving countless cover letters and resumes each day, you may wonder just what you can do to stand out from the crowd. Of course, having a well-crafted cover letter and a flawless resume helps. But, hundreds of other candidates are submitting equally compelling material.

So, how do you go above and beyond the norm to catch the attention of a company you'd like to work for? Eugenia Sawa, a staffing manager at Microsoft, has provided some insight into how candidates can really stand out.

Here's what she had to say:

  • Present yourself, both in person and online, in a polished and professional way. "For any role, a dream candidate will provide me with a universal, well-rounded, and informative picture of themselves professionally."
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  • Let your online presence and your face-to-face demeanor reflect your resume. "Everything content-wise that appears on each channel should match up in terms of expertise, accomplishments, and personality (cheeky/out there), and fit with how you present yourself in person."
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  • Use social media to set up introductions at conferences. "We love meeting candidates at conferences, so let us know you’re attending the same conferences we are through our various social media channels. How else will we get the chance to meet you there? Help us get a good idea of who you are and what you’re looking for so we can set up a meeting with someone from our team."
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  • Maintain an active presence on Linkedin.  "LinkedIn is your unofficial resume. We do spend a lot of time here."
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  • Let your expertise shine beyond Linkedin. "Even more so, we are looking for domain experts: people who speak about technical challenges they are having at work and the people who offer advice to help resolve them. Quora and Twitter are key places to ask and answer questions in specific fields of expertise."
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  • Keep your accomplishments fresh. "At the start of the New Year, start your running list of your accomplishments at work. It helps you update your resume easily when you need to and makes for an easier time writing your annual performance review."
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  • Set professional goals - and reach them. "Every New Year, you should think about your game plan for the year.  Are you going to simply update your Linked In profile or are you going to take that class that you have been meaning to take, or actually apply to jobs? Tell one friend and keep yourself accountable by meeting with your friend every quarter.  Accountability keeps us true to what we set out to do at the beginning of the year."

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