How to Get Coupons for Meat

Coupons for meat really do exist. Use well-known tricks to get your hands on meat coupons, including some you can use today. You'll find coupons for fresh meat, lunch meat, and more. Read on to learn how to go about getting them, and start saving money right away.

Swipe Your Store Card

Hamburger Patties
Hamburger Patties. William Reavell/Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

Many grocery chains use your store loyalty card to track what you buy; then, they send you coupons for those products. If meat is something you buy on a regular basis, you'll probably get meat coupons in your snail mail or email, so make sure you scan your card each and every time you shop.

Play Coupon I Spy

Wine. Bruce Shippee/EyeEm/Getty Images

Be on the lookout for meat coupons on non-meat products. You'll often find coupons that peel off, hang tags, and tear pads on or nearby products that are likely to be consumed with meat. Think of beer, wine, seasonings, and other items as possible coupon holders.

Find Printable Meat Coupons Online

Digital Coupons
Digital Coupons. Vstock LLC/Getty Images

Many meat companies offer coupons. Check the websites of your favorite brands, and you're likely to score some extra savings. Companies to check for coupons include:

Also, check out and Target's websites, and, which are great sources for meat coupons. Target is also known to put $3-off coupons on packages of meat that are getting close to their sell-by date. Combine both deals to max out your savings.

If you can figure out what day your local Target marks down meat, you'll get first dibs on all the goodies. Ask an associate in the meat department, and they'll probably tell you.

If you're short on time, Coupon Cabin compiles meat coupons from around the web. They may not catch everything, but it's a good one-stop shop if you're don't have time to hunt down coupons yourself.

Look for Quick-Sale Coupons

Woman Choosing Packaged Meat
Woman Choosing Packaged Meat. Glow Images, Inc./Glow/Getty Images

Many grocery stores attach quick-sale peel-off coupons to packages of meat that are getting close to their sell-by date. Scour the meat department for markdowns, and those little coupons could save you 50 percent or more.

Tempted to stock up? Just pop your meet in the freezer, and it'll stay fresh—and free of freezer burn—until you're ready to use it.

Clip and Save

Clipping Coupons
Clipping Coupons. Jose Luis Pelaez Inc./Blend Images/Getty Images

You'll find coupons for lunch meat, bacon, sausage, and other processed meats in most Sunday newspaper coupon inserts, but if it's coupons for fresh meat that you're after, start watching the inserts a few weeks before big meat-eating holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day. More

Ask for Coupons

Emailing. Hero Images/Getty Images

If you can't find coupons for your favorite meat brands, shoot them an email or call to ask for some. Companies often have high-value coupons (sometimes even free product coupons) that they set aside for this purpose. Look for contact information on their websites and try your luck. More