How to Get a Summer Job for Teachers

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A variety of jobs are available for teachers during the summer months. Whether it's to help supplement your income or to simply keep busy, there are multiple options a teacher can explore when he or she is looking for a summer job.

Tips for Finding a Summer Job for Teachers

Consider Tutoring Jobs
One of the most popular summer jobs for teachers are tutoring jobs. Educators on summer break are ideal candidates for this type of position.

A wide variety of employers post tutoring jobs. Large, nationwide companies like Kaplan and Sylvan Learning offer test prep and academic prep at their many locations around the country and are always looking for experienced staff.

The best way to find a job with this type of tutoring company is to look for open positions listed on their websites. To find a job with a smaller, local company or perhaps a local family looking to hire a tutor for their children, head to the classifieds on local newspaper sites or job listing websites like or

Teach Summer School
Summer school jobs are mostly for secondary and high school teachers. It can be very rewarding to help those students who need a little extra help to make the grade. Check with your district to see if they are looking for summer school teachers. If they are not, other districts in your area may post job openings on their websites, or on teaching job search sites like

Be a Camp Counselor
As a camp counselor, you can continue to work with children but in a much different environment than the classroom. From basketball to horseback riding, camps focus on so many different activities it can be a fun way to incorporate an activity you love to do with your love of teaching.

Why not take the opportunity to travel? There are a variety of summer camp job websites which will help you find a camp counselor job anywhere in the country.

Work From Home
There are a variety of jobs available for teachers who want to work from home. These telecommuting jobs give you the opportunity to earn supplemental income without leaving home both during the summer and the school year. Take a look at the top 10 work-at-home jobs for teachers to see if there any that would be a good fit for your interests and skills.

Use Your Area of Expertise in Other Ways

Physical education or music teachers make ideal hires for many summer jobs. PE teachers should check listings at their local gym, organizations like the YMCA, or job listing websites for open coaching or teaching positions. Music teachers can offer their skills to the community as private teachers by placing an ad for private lessons.

Step Outside the Education Box

Maybe you are a little tired of teaching and can use a change of pace. Use the summer months to do something you have always wanted to do, but never found the time for. As a teacher, you have people skills, organization skills, a good work ethic, compassion for children or teens, you're a creative thinker and are educated.

Even if you apply for something totally out in left field, because you bring all these skills with you, employers will look at you favorably. Maybe you can find a job that will enrich you. Websites like will help you find seasonal jobs, or you can perform keyword searches on job search engines to view the variety of summer jobs that are open locally. What better than to do something different and perhaps learn something new at the same time?

Volunteer Or Be an Intern and Build On Your Resume

If you just completed your teaching degree and haven't yet landed a job, visit your college's career services office to find out what internship opportunities are available to you. To find local volunteer opportunities check out sites which list volunteering positions or to find adventure and volunteer your time in another country, check out volunteer opportunities abroad.

Your decision to volunteer your time somewhere or apply for an internship will help you gain personal and professional experience which will look great on your resume and often allow you time to continue with your job search throughout the summer.

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