How To Get a SR22 Car Insurance Filing

Filing SR22
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Getting a SR22 car insurance filing is a surprisingly easy process, paying for it will be the hard part. SR22 car insurance is required of high risk drivers who have found themselves in trouble. The filing will make it so the insurance carrier communicates with the state, notifying them of the car insurance policy's active or cancelled status. Obtaining the filing is nearly the same process as purchasing a "normal" car insurance policy. Really you just need to ask for it.

Who Offers SR22 Filings?

Lots of insurance companies offer SR22 filings. It is your high risk driver status which is going to put some limits on you. Not every company will accept a driver with a major violation such as a DUI. If you are calling around for a quote and you hit up a preferred car insurance agency, there is a decent chance you will get brushed off, aka they will not call you back with a quote. Why? Preferred driver agencies do not deal with a lot of high risk drivers. You are not the type of driver they are looking to insure.

You are better off going to an agency who specializes in non standard auto insurance, treats you with respect, and is ready to provide the SR22 filing you need.

Request a SR22 Filing the Same as Any Other Coverage

You were most likely notified by the state and or the department of motor vehicles, DMV, you need a SR22 filing on your car insurance policy. How do you get the filing? When you call for the quote, tell the agent you need it. Getting a car insurance quote online? Look for a check box that states SR22 filing. Super simple right?

You say I need it, the agent clicks a box the same as adding any other coverage. Once you purchase the policy, your insurance company will immediately begin notifying the state of your car insurance status.

Is It Expensive?

Filing a SR22 pretty much automatically suggests you are a high risk driver. Whether you are high risk due to a DUI or for driving without car insurance, you are going to pay a lot. How much is a lot? Well, it has a lot to do with the reason you need the filing and the state in which you live. Luckily, the actual SR22 filing is inexpensive. Expect to see prices in the $25 range to process your request.

As with any car insurance policy, shopping around is recommended. Continuously working on improving your driving record, and credit score will make a huge difference in your future insurance rates. Ask to see if it is possible to get automatic withdraw out of your bank account. Paying by electronic funds transfer often comes with a discount and makes it so you are more likely to keep your policy active. It is the combination of all of these things which gets drivers a low rate. As with most of your financial moves, being disciplined now can pay off big in the future.

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