How to Use LinkedIn Buttons, Badges and Links

Direct Employers and Contacts to Your LinkedIn Profile

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Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important networking tools is one of the most important networking tools you have. It provides information on your background, including your experience, skills, and education, to hiring managers and contacts who can help your job search.

Your LinkedIn profile can increase your visibility online and help build your professional brand that showcases your background to prospective employers.

 In order to promote your profile, LinkedIn provides View My Profile buttons and badges containing LinkedIn graphics that you can add to your email signature, online resume, blog, or website. 

How to Get a LinkedIn Profile Badge for Websites and Resumes

Social networking websites are constantly changing the features and navigation to improve user experiences. LinkedIn is no different and the website offers a "Public Profile Badge Builder" that allows you to create links with a custom badge for your LinkedIn profile.

These badges include your profile photo, job title and the company you work for. They are larger than buttons and a great way to grab attention. Use these badges on your website, blog or online resume.

  1. Log into LinkedIn and click the "Update your public profile settings" button underneath your profile picture.
  2. On the right side of the screen, there is a section titled "Customize Your Public Profile." Make any changes to your public profile settings and save them.
  1. Underneath that section is "Your public profile badge," click the link to create your custom badge.
  2. Follow the directions in the "Public Profile Badge Builder" to copy and paste the HTML codes into your website or resume. There are a few badge styles to choose from and the code will include a link to your LinkedIn public profile.​
  1. Preview your changes, if possible, before making any permanent changes that are made public.

How to Add a LinkedIn Button to Your Website or Resume

If you are looking for a simple button without a photo or other details from your LinkedIn profile, you have many options to choose from. These are streamlined badges that simply say "View my profile on LinkedIn" and can be placed on your website, blog or online resume.

  1. After logging into LinkedIn, go directly to this page for LinkedIn buttons.
  2. To add a LinkedIn button to a TypePad blog, simply click on "Add to My TypePad blog" and your button will be added to your blog.
  3. Or, choose a button and copy the HTML code in the box next to the button you have selected. There are a variety of sizes to choose from.
  4. The code will include a link to your LinkedIn public profile.
  5. Paste the code into a blog, website or online resume.

How to Add a LinkedIn Button to Your Email Signature

Adding a LinkedIn link to your email signature is a great way to direct potential employers and connections to your LinkedIn profile everytime you send an email.

  • Type something along the lines of "View My LinkedIn Profile" into your signature and use your LinkedIn URL to add a hyperlink to that text.

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