How to Get a Good Driver Discount

And Tips to Keep It

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A good driver discount is probably the most common car insurance discount offered by insurance companies. All preferred insurance carriers offer these discount to their drivers. The good driver discount can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year, depending on how many drivers in your household receive the discount. Be aware of how to get a good driver discount and learn tips about how to keep it.

How Do You Earn a Good Driver Discount?

A good driver discount is typically earned after a minimum of three years of a clean driving record (depending on the insurance carrier), meaning no accidents or traffic violations. Sometimes the discount is broken down into two discounts:

  • Accident-free discount
  • Violation free discount

Having the two separate discounts is beneficial to the insured because it allows a driver to receive half of the good driver discount without qualifying for the other half. The discounts are also applied per driver, so the more drivers on a given policy, the more the good driver discounts can add up.

Tips for Keeping the Discount

Some insurance carriers offer an extra bell and whistle coverage called minor violations and accident forgiveness. Purchasing forgiveness coverage waives the surcharges of traffic violations and at-fault accidents. Check the fine print to see if you also get to keep your good driver discount.

Keep your discount by following the rules of the road, and you will not have to worry about traffic violations, and also taking a defensive driving course to help protect against at-fault accidents.

Qualifying for a good driver discount is an easy way to save money on car insurance. If your driving record is less than perfect, time and careful driving is the only cure. Getting a traffic violation or an at-fault accident can put a damper on your insurance rates. Not only will you lose the good driver discount, but also your policy will be surcharged.

Driving records are an important risk factor for insurance companies. Drivers caught speeding or violating other traffic laws are considered to be a higher driving risk for filing a potential claim. Get a good driver discount by obtaining insurance through a preferred insurance carrier and drive carefully.