How to Find Your Microsoft Money Data Files

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Data files created and used by Microsoft Money are identified by the file extension ".mny" (depending on the settings of your computer, file extensions may not be visible, but they are present and you can still use the steps below to locate those files). There are three ways to find Microsoft Money data files on your computer:

Method 1: Locate the Default Save Folder

Microsoft Money saves data files by default in the My Documents folder on your Windows computer unless you specifically changed the save location in your Microsoft Money settings. 

  1. Go to your My Documents folder.
  2. Look for Microsoft Money data files, which end with the ".mny" extension. If extensions aren't visible you can change your settings to show file name extensions in Windows.

Method 2: Search Windows for Files

If you're not able to find your Microsoft Money data files in your My Documents folder, you can perform a Windows search for the data files by the file name extension:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click on Search or in the search dialog box, depending on your version of Windows.
  3. Select All Files and Folders as the search type.
  4. Under "All or part of the file name" enter *.mny. If the Microsoft Money data file you're looking for is a converted version from 2007 or before, see the file name extensions note below.
  5. Click Search or hit Enter.
  6. Get a cup of coffee; when you return, Windows will show you the search results for all files with the .mny file name extension, as well as their locations (for example C:\mystuff\personal\test.mny).

    File Name Extensions for Older Versions of Microsoft Money

    If the Microsoft Money data files you're searching for are converted files from version 2007 or earlier, use the indicated file name extension in your Windows search instead:

    • Microsoft Money 98: use file name extension *.m06
    • Microsoft Money 99: use file name extension *.m07
    • Microsoft Money 2000: use file name extension *.m08
    • Microsoft Money 2001: use file name extension *.m09
    • Microsoft Money 2002: use file name extension *.m10
    • Microsoft Money 2003: use file name extension *.m11
    • Microsoft Money 2004: use file name extension *.m12
    • Microsoft Money 2005: use file name extension *.m14
    • Microsoft Money 2006: use file name extension *.m15
    • Microsoft Money 2007: use file name extension *.m16

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